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News From Washington

News From Washington Raytheon Awarded $54 M for Army Communications Programs Raytheon Electronic Systems has received a contract from the US Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), Fort Monmouth, NJ, which is valued at $44 M. The contract provides for Raytheon's development, manufacture, installation and provision of logistics support...
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International Report

International Report HOT BIRD 3 Scheduled for September Launch The European Television Satellite (EUTELSAT) provider's HOT BIRD 3 television (TV) broadcast satellite was scheduled to be launched in September aboard an Ariane rocket fired from Kourou, French Guyana. HOT BIRD 3 was developed by the Franco-British Matra Marconi Space...
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Commercial Market

The Commercial Market First Global Personal Satellite Communications Service Introduced COMSAT Personal Communications has announced global coverage for its Planet 1SM personal communications service, which uses portable, notebook-sized satellite telephones to provide voice, fax and data communications worldwide. The service is carried over four International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT)-3...
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The Bookend

The Book End  Wireless and Personal Communications Systems Vijay K. Garg and Joseph E. Wilkes Prentice Hall PTR 445 pages; $68 The emerging personal communications service (PCS) will enable users to transfer all forms of information economically between any desired location. This book describes the personal communications network (PCN)...
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Versatile PCS/DCS Patch Antennas

The DirectLink series antennas that employ patch technology and MicroAir air dielectric technology in personal communications service (PCS) and digital communications system appliacations
Versatile PCS/DCS Patch Antennas Cushcraft Corp. Manchester, NH Today's personal communications service (PCS) and digital communications system (DCS) operators need to expand coverage and capacity while controlling infrastructure costs. The microcells, picocells and repeaters require a low cost, high performance antenna to provide concentrated coverage for PCS and DCS...
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A Space Simulation Chamber with Thermal Ramping

A portable, cart-based space simulation thermal chamber that offers increased throughput and full automation
A Space Simulation Chamber with Thermal Ramping Environmental Stress Systems Inc. (ESS) Sonora, CA For many years there has been a requirement for microwave components used in aircraft, missiles and satellites to be screened environmentally for mission-critical functionality and latent defects affecting long-term reliability. Typically, these screens subject the...
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A Vector Attenuator for Feedforward Amplifier and RF Predistortion Use

A vector attenuator that uses PIN diodes as the controlling elements to produce good intermodulation performance
A Vector Attenuator for Feedforward Amplifier and RF Predistortion Use Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. (MPT) Salem, NH Feedforward amplifiers and RF predistortion circuits used in cellular radio base stations require gain and phase adjustment in their cancellation loops. The classical approach to this requirement has been through the use of...
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Multi-order Cancellation Technology

A multi-order cancellation technique that, when applied to microwave mixers, can improve their port-to-port isolation significantly
Multi-order Cancellation Technology This article describes a multi-order cancellation technique that, when applied to microwave mixers, can improve their port-to-port isolation significantly. Two different cancellation methods are discussed and test data are presented. Frank Xiaohui Li and Greg Corsetto Watkins-Johnson Co. Palo Alto, CA As wireless communication markets continue...
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Active Doubly Balanced Mixers for CMDS RFIC's

FET mixer operation and the measured performance of two active doubly balanced mixer topologies in CMOS technology
Active Doubly Balanced Mixers for CMOS RFICs Patrick J. Sullivan and Walter H. Ku University of California, San Diego, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering La Jolla, CA Bernard A. Xavier Hughes Network Systems San Diego, CA As the gate length of standard CMOS processes decreases into the submicron...
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MMW Digital Radio Front End: The Application, Market, and Technology

Point-to-point mm-wave (MMW) digital radios and their market, application and technology int he commercial arena
MMW Digital Radio Front Ends: Market, Application and Technology Lamberto Raffaelli ARCOM Inc. Salem, NH Point-to-point mm-wave (MMW) digital radios offer unprecedented opportunities to the microwave industry. This technology, which was developed mainly for military applications, is finally finding a good market in the commercial arena. Along with automotive...
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