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Web Updates

Web Updates Catalog Products This Web site lists electrical specifications for all of the company’s catalog products and features an enhanced profile section that describes its Wireless and Space and Defense business groups. Job opportunities, press releases and a listing of sales representatives are also provided. Anaren Microwave Inc.,...
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News from Washington

News from Washington Artillery Shell Direct Y-code GPS Receiver Trials Successfully Completed Rockwell Collins and the UK’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency have successfully completed trials of a Global Positioning System (GPS) contained in an experimental 155-mm artillery shell. The trials concluded a two-year development and test program that...
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International Market

International Market TMD Expands Power Supply and ECM Transmitter Portfolio UK contractor Thorn Microwave Devices Ltd. (TMD) has expanded its power supply and electronic countermeasures (ECM) transmitter portfolio to include the models PTM6363, PTM6600, PTX7458 and PTX7459. The PTM6363 high voltage supply is intended for airborne applications and is...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Ericsson to Pursue New Next-generation Wireless Technologies Ericsson has announced plans to conduct a number of field trials to further develop wireless technologies for third-generation (3G) networks. As part of a historic demonstration, executives at Ericsson Canada and Microcell Connexions engaged in a multimedia conversation using Ericsson’s...
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The Book End

The Book End ELEKTA Professional Stephan Weber Noble Publishing Corp. User Manual and CD-ROM; $99 This interactive software package is a knowledge-based system for analog electronics designed for everyday engineering assistance. It includes an encyclopedia of electronic principles, tutorial instruction with interactive examples and an extensive set of design...
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A Broadband Microwave Choke

A new and different RF choke design that permits extremely broadband performance with few apparent seres resonances
A Broadband Microwave Choke Piconics Inc. Tyngsboro, MA All microwave devices that use DC power must have a method for preventing the microwave energy from entering the power supply. It is common practice to connect a microwave choke between the active microwave device and the power supply to prevent...
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Low Cost LNAs for 900 MHz Cell Site Applications

A new line of low noise amplifiers (LNA) designed for use as front ends in cell site filters
Low Cost LNAs for 900 MHz Cell Site Applications Aethercomm Inc. San Marcos, CA A new line of low noise amplifiers (LNA) for use in worldwide cell sites has been developed. The celLNA series amplifiers were designed to be used as front ends for cell site filters. All of...
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A Surface-mount Balun for TV Broadcast Applications

A surface-mount balun that covers the 470 to 860 MHz frequency range for TV boradcast applications is featured on this month's cover
A Surface-mount Balun for TV Broadcast Applications Anaren Microwave Inc. East Syracuse, NY Significant growth can be expected in the television (TV) broadcast market due to the new availability of digital TV and governmental requirements forcing broadcasters to transmit a set number of programs in the new digital format....
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A New 3.5-mm TRL/LRL Calibration Kit

A new type of calibration kit for vector network analyzers that uses three methods: open-short-load-thru, thru-reflect-line (TRL) and air line gating
A New 3.5-mm TRL/LRL Calibration Kit Maury Microwave Corp. Ontario, CA A new type of calibration kit for vector network analyzers (VNA) has been introduced that takes advantage of the full measurement capabilities of the VNA. The Tri-Kit calibration kit is designed for three types of calibration methods rather...
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