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New Literature

Super Components Catalog This 40-page catalog includes super components such as IFMs, ultra miniature SDLAs, switch filter banks, high speed multioctave SDLAs with limited RF output, along with channelized ESM receivers and many other improved and enhanced products. Akon Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 432-8039. Circle No. 200 Technical...
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Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses RF Components and Systems for Short Range Wireless Transmission Topics : Enables engineers to estimate the system requirements of wireless short range applications and to design a data transmission system in an unlicensed frequency band. The tools most frequently used in RF engineering are introduced using...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Raytheon Awarded $78 M LRIP-2 Contract for ATFLIR Targeting Pod Raytheon Co. was awarded a $78 M US Navy contract for a second Low Rate Initial Production (LIRP) of the ASQ-228 Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) pod, the latest generation in targeting technology. The company's...
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International Report

International Report First Galileo Contract Awarded The European Space Agency has awarded the multi-national Galileo Industries joint venture the first development contract for the European Galileo satellite navigation system. Building on Galileo Industries' earlier successes during the programme's definition phase, the new 10-20 million ($9.8-19.6 M) award covers the...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Business Broadband Competition Will Drive Prices Down Deregulation and privatization has created unprecedented competition in the worldwide telecommunication market. This climate of increased competition has meant that service providers must introduce new, more sophisticated and user-friendly services at an accelerated pace, while not compromising traditional telecommunications...
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The Book End

The Mobile Technology Question and Answer Book - A Survival Guide for Business Managers Ron Schneiderman AMACOM 240 pages; $19.95 ISBN: 0-8144-7136-6 Wireless communications are rapidly expanding. Cellular phones, satellite phones, handheld computers and personal navigation systems capable of pinpointing a location within a few feet are becoming connected...
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A Simulation Builder for Versatile Framework Integration

Introduction to a versatile simulation builder designed to integrate industry-strength simulation technology with external design frameworks
As the complexity of wireless systems grows and requirements become more demanding, the task facing analog/RF engineers is not getting any easier. In today's rapid-paced working environment, time-to-market demands accurate and fast results from device simulations. To meet these demands for the effective management and analysis of design data...
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A Revolution in the Time Domain

A new modeling and design package for time domain software is featured on this month's cover
CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® Version 4 (CST MWS) is a major new release of the company's flagship 3D EM microwave modeling and design package. Over 1400 changes, enhancements and new features have been added to make this already powerful tool truly comprehensive and an invaluable resource. The microwave design engineer...
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The Receiver Noise Equation: A Method for System Level Design of an RF Receiver

Introduction to a new equation used to simplify the system level design of an RF receiver
Noise is a limiting factor for sensitive reception. In recent communication receivers, noise, along with many external factors, including intermodulation, reciprocal mixing and spurious response, may disturb the sensitive reception of the desired signal. Thus, much consideration for the noise and other factors that disturb the signal reception and...
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Design of a Generic 2.5 W, 60 Percent Bandwidth, C-band MMIC Amplifier

Description of the design and test data of a generic 2.5 W, two-stage, C-band MMIC power amplifier
During the past decade, there has been significant progress in monolithic power amplifiers operating at RF and microwave frequencies over narrow and broadbands for both commercial and military applications. For numerous applications, including handsets, VSAT and transmit/receive modules, these amplifiers are produced in large quantities using MESFET, HBT and...
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