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A Seattle Surprise: IMS 2002

Neither a struggling national economy nor a slumping microwave industry could dampen the spirits of an unexpectedly large and upbeat crowd at the 2002 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) and Exhibition held June 2 to 7 in Seattle, WA
A surprising number of our associates found their way to Seattle, WA, this year and were rewarded with an unexpectedly upbeat IMS 2002. This year's Microwave Week was blessed with unusually good weather and an attendance that came close to last year's record in Phoenix. Just over 11,000 attendees...
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Business Broadband Competition Will Drive Prices Down

Deregulation and privatization has created unprecedented competition in the worldwide telecommunication market. This climate of increased competition has meant that service providers must introduce new, more sophisticated and user-friendly services at an accelerated pace, while not compromising traditional telecommunications service quality. These needs have prompted many telecommunications service providers...
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Signal Technology Awarded Homeland Security Electronics Contracts

Signal Technology Corp. announced the receipt of two contracts awards for the production of highly sophisticated electronics designed for the federal government's emerging Homeland Security Initiative. Signal Technology's UHF/VHF and video antenna switch matrix products were selected to provide multi-path signal frequency steering by a contractor developing wireless communications...
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First Galileo Contract Awarded

The European Space Agency has awarded the multi-national Galileo Industries joint venture the first development contract for the European Galileo satellite navigation system. Building on Galileo Industries' earlier successes during the programme's definition phase, the new €10-20 million ($9.8-19.6 M) award covers the development of the first version of...
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