Industry News

International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Martin Streetly, International Correspondent Thais Deploy German SAR European Aeronautic, Defence and Space (EADS) Deutschland subsidiary Dornier GmbH has supplied the Kongtap Agard Thai (Royal Thai Air Force) with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system that has been integrated aboard one of the service's six G222 transport...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Product Catalog This catalog "Kyocera 2001 Electronic Components," features Kyocera electronic components, offering valuable information on the company's latest products. AVX sells a wide range of passive components manufactured by Kyocera in Japan, including resistors, timing devices, filters, acoustic generators and capacitors. AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach,...
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New Products

NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS * Broadband Bias Tee This broadband bias tee operates from less than 50 MHz to greater than 18.5 GHz. Insertion loss at 100 MHz is 0.05 dB (typ) increasing to less than 0.5 dB at 18.5 GHz. SWRs are less than 1.25 (typ) with isolation greater...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON Milstar II Launched The Milstar II US Air Force military communications satellite built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. at facilities in Sunnyvale, CA and Denver, CO, was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL, in late February. Milstar II is the Defense Department's most technologically...
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Workshops & Courses

WORKSHOPS & COURSES Emerging IT Technologies: An Enterprise-focused Vision * Topics: ERP and supply chain management, data warehouse and data mining, decision support systems and artificial intelligence, e-commerce, extranets/intranets, events calendaring, work flow, program management and risk management. Fee: $1495. * Site: Pasadena, CA * Dates: May 8­11, 2001...
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A Linear LDMOS Amplifier for 3GPP Applications

An introduction to BLF2022-90, a single-ended 90W N-channel linear base station amplifier
PRODUCT FEATURE A Linear LDMOS Amplifier for 3GPP Applications Philips Semiconductor Foxboro, MA W ith the introduction of digital modulation formats and the trend towards multi-carrier amplifiers, base station power amplifiers require the use of transistors with high peak power capability. The amplifier is required to meet stringent linearity...
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A 2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector

A new gain/phase detector used to measure the gain ratio and phase difference between two signals
PRODUCT FEATURE A 2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector Analog Devices Inc. Norwood, MA G ain and phase are fundamental properties of all radio systems. The need to measure these parameters is exemplified through the ubiquitous use of vector analyzers. The AD8302 gain/phase detector integrated circuit was developed...
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A New Approach to Wireless Propagation Prediction

The development of a new propagation and prediction software tool called Wireless InSite
PRODUCT FEATURE A New Approach to Wireless Propagation Prediction Remcom Inc. State College, PA Fig. 1 Three-dimensional orthographic view of downtown Rosslyn, VA showing transmitter antenna locations and field strength along the receiver routes. A software tool has been developed that provides accurate, site-specific radio signal predictions for urban...
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Low Cost Antenna Measurement Systems

A series of user-friendly, accurate and cost-effective antenna pattern measurement systems
PRODUCT FEATURE Low Cost Antenna Measurement Systems HVS Technologies Inc. State College, PA Fig. 1 The new HVS antenna measurement system.  A new family of low cost systems for antenna pattern measurements has been developed. These systems, shown in Figure 1, come with complete hardware and user-friendly software for...
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CAD of a Compact Monopulse Comparator Network Using Planar Magic Tee Junctions for Airborne Slotted Array Antennas

Development and use of planar magic tee junctions for airborne slotted array applications
TECHNICAL FEATURE CAD of a Compact Monopulse Comparator Network Using Planar Magic Tee Junctions for Airborne Slotted Array Antennas The operating principle and design of compact, non-standard, reduced height waveguide planar magic tee junctions are described. The distinguishing feature of these components is the placement of the difference port...
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