Industry News

A Low Cost RF Transceiver for Data Communications

This month's cover honors wireless telegraphy pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, featuring a new fully monolithic RF transceiver designed for wireless data ccommunications in the European 433 MHz ISM band
A Low Cost RF Transceiver for Data Communications RF Micro Devices Inc.Greensboro, NC Unlicensed radio devices in the European Community countries are expected to operate in compliance with standards proposed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Restrictions and regulations for operation of radio equipment in the 25 to...
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An Externally Referenced 23 GHz DRO

A fudamental dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) featuring good stability, low phase noise and high power output
An Externally Referenced 23 GHz DRO Delphi Components Inc.Laguna Niguel, CA Dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO) are highly stable fundamental oscillators in the 3 to 30 GHz region, achieving free-running frequency stability of less than 1 ppm/°C in many cases. DROs also exhibit very low phase noise characteristics at 100...
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Acronyms Used by the RF/Microwave Industry: Part I

The first of a two-part series, which defines acronyms used in Microwave Journal and by others in the RF/microwave industry
Acronyms Used by the RF/Microwave Industry: Part I The microwave industry’s fairly recent shift from a military to a commercial market focus has resulted in an alphabet soup of new acronyms that can confuse all but the most knowledgeable experts. Reading some of today’s technical papers can be a...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News JMR Electronics Inc. , Chatsworth, CA, has formed a new division, JMR Plastic Technology . The division produced plastic molds and injection moldings previously, but now will design and manufacture custom molds and plastic parts in high volume, as well as for short-run and...
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New Literature

New Literature Network Analyzer Data Sheet This 16-page data sheet overviews the company's 54100A series network analyzers. Testing information on various components is also included. Anritsu Wiltron Co., Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4061. EMI Spacer Gasket Brochure This six-page brochure profiles an electromagnetic interference (EMI) conductive elastomer/plastic spacer gasket...
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Catalog Update

Catalog Update Capacitor and Thin-film Custom Product Catalog This 12-page catalog describes capacitors, including RF, microwave, mm-wave and RF power; and custom thin-film products, including conductors, resistors, metallized holes and substrates. Applications and specifications are included. Photographs are provided. American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC), Huntington Station, NY (516) 547-5700....
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News from Washington

News from Washington International Avionics Standards Proposed at NATO Meeting Eleven Partnership-for-Peace (PFP) nations were briefed on international approach and landing standards proposed by the US at a recent Air Group V North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conference in Brussels, Belgium. The conference was chaired by the US Air...
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International Report

International Report Thomson Sale Canceled In a surprise move, the French Government has suspended the privatisation of the state-owned Thomson electronics group following an adverse report from its watchdog privatization committee (PC). Previously, Thomson (comprising the Thomson SA holding company, Thomson Multimedia and Thomson-CSF) was to be to sold...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Study Forecasts Worldwide Deployment of US Digital Standards The recent study by Herschel Shosteck Associates Ltd., "Digital Market Forecasts: 1997-2000," analyzes and forecasts the deployment of 800/1900 MHz US digital standards worldwide. How those standards will be adopted by technology (time-division multiple access (TDMA)/IS-136, code-division multiple...
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The Book End

The Book End Radar Systems for Technicians Ronald Bouwman Ronald D. Bouwman 528 pages; $80 This book is an assembly of radar knowledge, reconstructed into a logical order and restated in an understandable manner to create a single training foundation for radar technicians. The book is also a reference...
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