RF & Microwave Industry News

TRAK Microwave Receives Contract in Excess of $4 M

TRAK Microwave announced the award of a contract valued at over $4 M for a high performance Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) from a customer located outside the United States. "This recurring contract award from a most valued US-Allied customer demonstrates that TRAK's investments in factory automation and process controls...
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ViaSat Acquires Swiss-based JAST Antenna Systems

ViaSat Inc. , a producer of innovative satellite and other digital communication products, has agreed to acquire privately-held JAST Antenna Systems . JAST develops microwave circuits and antennas for terrestrial and satellite applications, specializing in small, low-profile antennas for mobile satellite communications. Terms of the transaction include an initial...
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WiMAX Spectrum Hogs?

Clearwire, Sprint think not
WiMAX is licensed spectrum; the WiMAX Forum is working to complete interoperability tests and prove out equipment and networks for 2.5 GHz spectrum; Sprint and Clearwire dominate 2.5 in the U.S. Problem or opportunity? Potentially both. “Does it retard it or does it support it?” asked Peter Jarich, principal...
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The 700 MHz Club

Mobile WiMAX lowers its frequency sights
Based as it is on licensed spectrum, Mobile WiMAX is bittersweet. Vendors know operators have spectrum to use equipment they’re developing, but licensed spectrum closes the door on those who don’t have it. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission could change that when it auctions some of the last available...
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NTT DoCoMo Begins Super 3G Experiment R&D

NTT DoCoMo Inc. has begun testing an experimental Super 3G system for mobile communications, which will seek to achieve a downlink transmission rate of 300 Mbps over a high speed wireless network. Super 3G features low latency data transmission and improved spectrum efficiency. It is a highly advanced version...
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RFEL Wins UK Government Grant

RF Engines Ltd. (RFEL), the specialists in high performance signal processing design, has won a UK Government research grant from the South East Development Agency (SEEDA), whereby it is to undertake research into a novel and flexible receiver architecture that is reconfigurable 'on-the-fly'. The architecture will be used to...
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Keithley and CEA Leti Partner in Research

Keithley Instruments and CEA Leti have entered into a Joint Development Partnership (JDP) centered on semiconductor device material testing technology. The JDP calls for Keithley and CEA Leti, one of the world's most sophisticated semiconductor development laboratories, to research methods for characterizing advanced semiconductor materials and devices that support...
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