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3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World

A look at third-generation (3G) hardware and software, which are expected to significantly expand the range of available wireless options
3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World After much hoopla, third-generation (3G) hardware and software are finally preparing to become a reality at a global scale. Unresolved design and protocol questions are rapidly being addressed — but does anyone want a hand-held unit for the Internet? Ernest...
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Publish or Perish: It’s Not Just for Academics Anymore

Publishing as an important part of a successful professional career
Publish or Perish: It’s Not Just for Academics Anymore Harlan Howe, Jr. Microwave Journal Publisher/Editor The academic community has a long history of measuring the accomplishment of its members by their proclivity to publish and to base growth and advancement on the sheer quantity of those publications. “Publish or...
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RAWCON ’99 Conference Report

A recap of the 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON '99) held August 1-4 in Denver, CO
RAWCON ’99 Conference Report The 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless conference (RAWCON ’99) was held in Denver, CO August 1–4, and proved to be a great success. This conference has evolved over the past few years into a very solid technical meeting, which emphasizes the interdisciplinary understanding of technologies...
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Components Five-bit Digital Attenuator The model AD280-25 GaAs IC FET five-bit digital attenuator operates over the frequency range from DC to 2 GHz and features a least significant bit of 0.5 dB and a total attenuation of 15.5 dB. Bit values are 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 8 dB....
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Sources Synthesized Telemetry Transmitter The ST400QF series airborne synthesized patented FEHER quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) telemetry transmitter doubles the information bandwidth (when compared to conventional PCM-FM) while utilizing class C power amplifiers, which maintain the power efficiency associated with standard FM transmitters. Available in 2, 5, 8 and 10...
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Systems Microwave Radios These microwave radio systems are designed for all frequency bands between 20 and 40 GHz and have a transmission capacity from 1.5 to 34 Mbps, satisfying both European and North American standards. Configuration, settings and surveillance take place remotely using a Web-based PC interface. Each microwave...
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Subsystems PCS-CDMA Repeater The model USRU-1900 compact, in-building PCS-CDMA repeater has an input level of –100 to –50 dBm and a gain of 60 dB. The compact, cost-effective unit offers low power consumption and easy installation. Ace Technology, Chatsworth, CA (818) 718-1534. Radio Modem Transceiver The model RF9600 radio...
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Test Equipment

Test Equipment Direct-sequence Spread Spectrum Board The model DEV6143 full-duplex-mode reprogrammable development board, in conjunction with the company’s SX043 and SX061, provides a prototype platform for users and allows designers to set up internal registers to perform a complete evaluation of an IC. The unit’s full-duplex mode consolidates the...
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