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Ericsson Sets Sail on Maritime Venture

SeaMobile Inc. and Ericsson have signed a three-year contract under which the companies will work together to provide wireless voice and data services at sea. Ericsson will supply a complete wireless network, including hosted core infrastructure and GSM radio equipment. Using this technology SeaMobile will offer global wireless communications...
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R&S Goes Extra Terrestrial in Korea

Rohde & Schwarz has been commissioned to supply terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) transmitter systems for the world’s first T-DMB network in Korea. All of the various network operators involved in setting up the T-DMB transmitter networks in the country are being supplied with transmitter equipment by R&S. The...
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Transistor LC Oscillators for Wireless Applications: Theory and Design Aspects, Part II

Second of a three-part article presenting both linear and nonlinear phase noise models for parallel feedback and negative resistance oscillators
Part I of this tutorial article 1 gave a detailed discussion and analysis of the start-up and steady-state oscillation conditions for transistor LC oscillators with emphasis on CMOS devices. Part II presents both linear and nonlinear phase noise models for the parallel feedback and negative resistance oscillators. Each approach...
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Sampling IF Filters and the Return of the Superheterodyne Receiver

The US military seeks to benefit from commercial off-the-shelf communications software.
Wireless systems-on-a-chip (SoC) have seen very high levels of integration in the last few years because the market is demanding reduced cost and low component count. Further to this trend, the integration of multiple standards has been introduced into the SoC. This integration strategy has caused superheterodyne receiver architectures...
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The Book End

Planar Microwave Engineering: A Practical Guide to Theory, Measurements and Circuits Thomas H. Lee. Cambridge University Press 880 pages; $75 ISBN: 0-521-83526-7 This book covers everything one needs to know to design, build and test a high frequency circuit. Chapter 1 provides a short history of RF and microwave...
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New Literature

Digital Debug Solutions CD-ROM This CD-ROM will assist design engineers with measurement insight into tough digital debug problems with information about tools that can help minimize project risk and drive products to market faster. The CD also provides quick access to application notes, product data sheets and web links....
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Around the Circuit

Industry News Smiths Group announced that it is expanding its interconnect business with the acquisition of Millitech Inc. A Massachusetts-based business, Millitech specializes in the design and manufacturing of millimeter-wave components, assemblies and integrated antenna systems for satellite communications, radar, passive imaging, space and remote sensing applications. Smiths acquired...
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Software Update

Design Software The LINC2 software combines high performance RF and microwave circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization into a single integrated program. This software provides a suite of design tools for the exact synthesis of a wide variety of active and passive circuits. LINC2’s comprehensive amplifier synthesis tool produces...
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