RF & Microwave Industry News

Training Centre for Alcatel in South Africa

Alcatel has opened an Accredited Training centre in Midrand, South Africa, which complies with the Alcatel University accreditation requirements. The new facility will provide training on the latest enterprise solutions and help develop channel partners and other industry participants' skills. This training centre will contribute to develop local skills,...
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Smart Partitioning for WiMAX Radios

Published in the November 2006 Wireless Technologies Supplement to Microwave Journal and Telecommunications Magazine.
The need for broadband wireless access (BWA) has long been acknowledged as the next step in the evolution of Internet access. Unfortunately, the lack of robust technology at a competitive price has been a barrier to its implementation. Today, though, momentum to cross the chasm is gathering—early adopters have...
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Building a Mobile Ecosystem

Barry West Speaks Out on Sprint’s Mobile WiMAX Vision
Barry West, CTO and newly appointed president of Sprint Nextel’s 4G Business Group, has never shied from the challenge of paving new roads for emerging wireless technologies. As the former CTO of Nextel, West led the drive for push-to-talk communications over Nextel’s iDEN-based wireless network. And despite the air...
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WiMAX Ruffles DSL Feathers in Macedonia

Local ISP Offers Low-Cost Broadband Wireless Service
The launch of a pre-WiMAX service in Macedonia has driven the cost of broadband connectivity down by around 50 percent in a period of just nine months. That was the assertion of Paul Budgen, the sales director for EMEA with Motorola, speaking at the Broadband World Forum in Paris...
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Agilent Announces Verification of WiMAX Production Solutions

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that its WiMAX-specific design validation and production solutions have been successfully delivered and accepted by several customers. With a level of performance and functionality not available from competitors, these solutions give engineers R&D and conformance-type measurement capabilities for testing fixed 802.16-2004 and mobile 802.16e-2005 WiMAX...
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