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LTCC-M: An Enabling Technology for High Performance Multilayer RF Systems

An improved low temperature cofired ceramic on metal (LTCC-M) technology in which a specially formulated multilayer ceramic structure is attached to a metal carrier or core
LTCC-M: An Enabling Technology for High Performance Multilayer RF Systems B. Geller, B. Thaler, A. Fathy, M.J. Liberatore, H.D. Chen, G. Ayers, V. Pendrick and Y. Narayan Sarnoff Corp. Princeton, NJ Over the last several years, the highly competitive wireless market has pushed manufacturers of RF hardware toward the...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Epitaxial Products International Ltd. and Quantum Epitaxial Designs Inc. have merged in an effort to provide the highest quality optoelectronic and electronic epitaxial wafers to the semiconductor market. The new International Quantum Epitaxy plc (IQE) will also draw on the proven strengths of its...
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New Literature

New Literature Programmable DC Power Supply Brochure This four-page brochure describes programmable DC power supplies that offer a one-box-solution architecture, remote sensing, programmable protection settings, electronic calibration, low ripple and noise output, and a standard GPIB interface. Product photographs and outline drawings are provided. American Reliance Inc. (AMREL), Arcadia,...
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Web Update

Web Update Microwave/mm-wave Products This Web site highlights microwave and mm-wave products and capabilities as well as a company background, employment information and industry news. A section that outlines design and manufacturing capabilities, including build-to-print services, is planned for the near future. ARCOM Inc., 8B Industrial Way, Salem, NH...
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News From Washington

News From Washington 1999-2008 Worldwide Fighter/Attack Aircraft Production to Exceed $129 B According to a report from the Teal Group, approximately $129.1 B will be spent over the next 10 years in the fighter/attack aircraft production market. Despite the decline in demand for fighter/attack aircraft during the last 10...
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International Report

International Report Eutelsat Expands Its Atlantic Gateway Paris, France-based satellite telecommunications provider Eutelsat has moved the expansion of its Atlantic gateway a stage toward completion with its authorization to construct and launch a new communications satellite to complement its existing Eutelsat I-F5 vehicle. Intended to increase Eutelsat's competitiveness in...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market Ericsson/QUALCOMM Resolution Raises New Concerns According to the terms of a series of definitive agreements, Ericsson and QUALCOMM have resolved all of their outstanding global disputes relating to CDMA technology. The agreements call for the companies to jointly support a single world CDMA standard with three optional...
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The Bookend

The Book End Radar Principles Peyton Z. Peebles, Jr. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 766 pages; $110 ISBN: 0-471-25205-0 This book is designed to serve as a textbook for a course offering a first exposure to radar principles. It is aimed at providing basic principles to graduate-level students or...
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New Semiconductor Components for RF Front End Applications

Several new 3 V semiconductor products specifically targeted at mobile radio requirements
New Semiconductor Components for RF Front End Applications Siemens Semiconductors Munich, Germany One of the fastest growing segments of consumer electronics is wireless communication. The world market for mobile radio has emerged rapidly over the last few years, presenting a challenge for semiconductor suppliers to follow the rapidly changing...
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Design Benefits of Silicon MMICs

Monolithic microwave integrated circuits produced using double-polysilicon technology that provides several advantages over typical GaAs RF devices are featured on this month's cover
Design Benefits of Silicon MMICs Philips Semiconductors Eindhoven, The Netherlands Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) were developed originally to deliver cost-effective, low voltage and high performance RF solutions to the mobile communications market. Until recently, common belief held that MMICs needed to be manufactured from GaAs. However, as a...
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