Industry News

Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS David L. Sprague, a long-time contributor to the microwave industry in both management and editorial capacities, died March 20 following a tragic accident at his home in Agoura, CA. He was 51. Prior to forming Chaparral Labs in 1997, Sprague was VP of Microwave...
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New Literature

New Literature Programmable Electronic Load and Power Supply Catalog This 50-page catalog describes programmable electronic loads and programmable load banks as well as power supplies, including programmable switching DC, system programmable DC, custom-designed programmable DC and bench-top programmable DC versions. Product photographs and line drawings are included. American Reliance...
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News From Washington

News From Washington PAC-3 Missile Tested Successfully Preliminary data indicate that the PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile Seeker Characterization Flight (SCF) test was conducted successfully by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and the US Army at White Sands Missile Test Range. Test objectives included data collection as well as...
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International Report

International Report Siberian Trunked Radio Telecommunications System Moves Forward Following the completion of the first 800 km section of Russian utility provider Irkutskenergo's southern Siberian trunked radio telecommunications system in 1998, work has begun on completing the architecture. Covering an area of approximately 770,000 km 2 , the new...
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Commercial Market

Commercial Market International Space Business Council Formed The International Space Business Council (ISBC) has been established in an effort to meet the needs of the evolving and expanding global space industry whose market has grown to an estimated $88 B. The Council was formed following discussions with executives from...
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The Book End

The Book End Broadband Direct-coupled and Matching RF Networks Thomas R. Cuthbert, Jr. TRCPEP Publications 224 pages; $69.95 ISBN: 0-9669220-0-X This practical guide is suitable for engineers and technicians engaged in the design of RF networks that filter and match impedances over wide frequency bandwidths. The networks consist of...
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A Major Schematic Capture/Layout Package Upgrade

An upgraded software package that offers an integrated project-based design capability
A Major Schematic Capture/Layout Package Upgrade Optotek Ltd. Kanata, Ontario, Canada Version 2 of the MMICAD™ SCHEMATIC/LAYOUT package has been released to address the design engineer's need for efficient, cost-effective design tools via an integrated project-based design function. This new capability involves tight bidirectional integration between schematic capture, the...
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Multitone Signal Generators for Cellular and PCS HPA Evaluation

Multitone signal generators that provide up to 16 CW signal outputs simultaneously and have been designed specifically to test the intermodulation performance of base station high power amplifiers (HPA)
Multitone Signal Generators for Cellular and PCS HPA Evaluation RDL Inc. Conshohocken, PA Today's multicarrier wireless communications systems require sophisticated test equipment to analyze and verify performance levels. Spread spectrum systems are prone to generating intermodulation products due to the nonlinearity of system components such as high power amplifiers...
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A Thin, High Frequency Laminate for Multilayer PCB Applications

A thin-core copper laminate for the RF portion of multilayer assemblies
A Thin, High Frequency Laminate for Multilayer PCB Applications GIL Technologies Collierville, TN Smaller, lighter and more integrated seem to be the direction toward which today's high frequency PCB technology is moving. The microwave portion of the circuit must now be an integral part of a multilayer PCB assembly...
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Portable Spectrum Analyzers with a Five-minute Warm-up Time

A new portable spectrum analyzer series that utilizes a continuous, automatic alignment function to provide a warm-up time of only five minutes
Portable Spectrum Analyzers with a Five-minute Warm-up Time Hewlett-Packard Co. Santa Rosa, CA In the demanding world of wireless communications, engineers and technicians are faced with ever-increasing pressure to be efficient with their time. These individuals cannot afford to wait long periods for test equipment to warm up to...
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