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SOURCES Integrated Microwave Assembly The model D6040-921 integrated microwave assembly is designed for use in an airborne radar warning receiver. The highly integrated unit covers a broad frequency range (C-band through Ku-band) and contains two bipolar VCOs, one push-pull VCO, three lowpass filters, one bandpass filter, four MMIC amplifiers...
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SUBASSEMBLY Rack-mountable Linearizers The WAFL-C series rack-mountable linearizers operate over the full C, X and Ku satellite bands. The units are designed for use with traveling-wave tube and Klystron high power amplifiers, and typically provide a four-fold increase in output power. The linearizers are self contained and are designed...
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PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Automatic Cutting and Stripping Machine The model PS 9500 RS automatic cut-and-strip machine is designed to enhance rotary stripping flexibility to the processing system, ensuring quality stripping results on all types of wire and cable (including coaxial cable). The benchtop unit processes cable from 7 mm up...
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News From Washington

News From Washington SINCGARS Radios to Retain Dominance According to a recent analysis conducted by Teal Group Corp., the well-established Single-channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) will retain its dominance over many of the proposed new digital radios into the next decade. An estimated 300,000 radios valued at...
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International Report

International Report Northrop Grumman Enters Bid for ASTOR The recent Battlefield Systems International ’98 trade exhibition and conference has provided the first clear details of a last-minute bid into the UK’s Airborne Standoff Radar (ASTOR) programme made by a consortium led by US contractor Northrop Grumman. The team is...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market US Utility Revenue Metering Markets Forecast to Reach $3.1 B According to a recent Business Communications Company Inc. study, "RE-085, Metering for Utilities: Riding the Wave of Deregulation," the total market for utility metering equipment, which was valued at $2.4 B in 1997, is expected to...
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The Book End

The Book End Antenna Theory and Design Warren L. Stutzman and Gary A. Thiele John Wiley & Sons Inc. 648 pages; $95.95 Major changes in antenna applications have occurred since this book was first published in 1981. This second edition has been appropriately updated to encompass these new applications,...
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Gaussian Noise Calibration Standards

Wideband Gaussian noise standards that achieve AM and PM noise measurement traceability
Gaussian Noise Calibration Standards Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc., Advanced Noise Technologies Division New Cumberland, PA Measurement of AM and PM noise relating to a carrier signal can be difficult to achieve accurately and consistently. Even when the utmost care is taken in preparing to make a noise measurement and all...
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A Tunable, Dielectric-loaded Waveguide Filter

A newly developed high performance tunable filter that utilizes dielectric-loaded waveguide is featured on this month's cover
A Tunable, Dielectric-loaded Waveguide Filter K&L Microwave Inc. Salisbury, MD The personal communications service and cellular markets have placed high demands on filter manufacturers, including the need for low insertion loss with very high selectivity while maintaining 3 dB bandwidths of less than one percent. Fixed-frequency filters have been...
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A Digital Phase Detection Subsystem

A single-channel assembly for high-speed, high accuracy phase and amplitude measurements of an IF signal pair
A Digital Phase Detection Subsystem Signal Technology Corp., Olektron Operation Beverly, MA The model IFS-9830 digital phase detection subsystem (DPDS) is a single-channel (one phase comparison) assembly used for high speed, high accuracy phase and amplitude measurements of an IF signal pair. The assembly measures the absolute phase difference...
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