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News From Washington

News From Washington New Air Force Organization to Improve Command and Control System Interoperability The Air Force Electronic Systems Center’s newest program office, Defense Information Infrastructure – Air Force (DII – Air Force), was established recently to create a common infrastructure around which individual command and control systems will...
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International Report

International Report Denmark Orders Arthur WLS The Danish Army has awarded Swedish contractor Ericsson Microwave Systems a $40 M contract covering the supply of an undisclosed number of Arthur weapon locating systems (WLS). Based around a G-/H-band (4 to 8 GHz) radar equipped with a phased-array antenna, the Arthur...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Wireless Utility Metering System to Use Satellite Two-way Network Enron Energy Services Inc. has announced agreements to launch electric metering systems featuring two-way wireless communications and a satellite-enabled network for industrial, commercial and residential customers in the deregulated marketplace. A residential metering communications system will employ...
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The Book End

The Book End Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics Fawwaz T. Ulaby Prentice Hall 407 pages; $88 The changing electrical engineering curriculum has resulted in the need for traditional electromagnetics (EM) to be taught to undergraduate students in a one-semester course instead of two. This book is designed to fill that...
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A DC to 40 GHz Ceramic MMIC Package

A package that utilizes low temperature cofired ceramic on a metal core and preserves the high frequency characteristics of wideband MMIC chips
A DC to 40 GHz Ceramic MMIC Package Dielectric Laboratories Inc. Cazenovia, NY Today's MMICs are being produced for applications in the mm-wave region including digital radios, local multipoint distribution systems, satellite communications and multipoint video distribution systems. One of the performance-limiting factors of these devices has been the...
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An Integrated GPS Receiver RF Front End

A duel-conversion, L-band receiver RF front end developed specifically for Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver applications
An Integrated GPS Receiver RF Front End Philsar Electronics Inc. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers are being used currently in many diverse applications, including low cost, battery-operated commercial applications that require inexpensive, high performance integrated components. The model PH1575 GPSRx application-specific IC (ASIC) is a dual-conversion...
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Highly Integrated IF ASICs for CDMA Cellular/PCS Telephones

This month's cover features an IC developed to simplify code-division multiple access cellular transceiver design
Highly Integrated IF ASICs for CDMA Cellular/PCS Telephones RF Micro Devices Greensboro, NC The first generation of cellular and personal communications service (PCS) telephones based on code-division multiple access (CDMA) relied on limited integration of RF and IF functions. ICs were designed to handle automatic gain control (AGC) amplification,...
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RF Wideband Silicon MMICs

MMICs developed using the enhanced Double Poly process that help reduce costs and design time for mobile telephone manufacturers
RF Wideband Silicon MMICs Philips Semiconductors Sunnyvale, CA The recently developed Double Poly process for manufacturing wideband silicon RF transistors and MMICs has been enhanced to include inductance loops, capacitors and resistors on chip. The result is a new family of MMICs that help reduce costs and design time...
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GPS in 10 Years

Improvements planned for the Global Positioning System (GPS) over the next decade
GPS in 10 Years What will the Global Positioning System (GPS) look like in 10 years? This article discusses improvements to the overall GPS planned over the next decade and examines their impact on system performance for several applications. The Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) released in March 1996 states...
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Transistor Technologies for RFICs in Wireless Applications

GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors that combine the strengths of silicon bipolar transistors and GaAs FETs for RF applications
Transistor Technologies for RFICs in Wireless Applications This article presents a multidimensional technical analysis of RF transistor technologies for RFIC applications in cellular and personal communications service (PCS) markets. The first dimension describes the circuit design of each function block in the transmitter and receiver. The second dimension covers...
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