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News From Washington

News From Washington Air Force Explores New Fighting and Communications Methods As reported by the Associated Press, the US Air Force is beginning a $40 M series of experiments to devise new fighting tactics and methods to communicate critical information to planes in flight. The experiments will culminate with...
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International Report

International Report NATO Plans New STANAGs for Tactical Communications The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is reportedly developing a multinational programme to establish a new set of NATO standardisation agreements (STANAG) for battlefield tactical communications (TACOMS) systems that enter service from 2005 and beyond. The TACOMS Post-2000 effort is...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market 2.4 GHz Cordless Telephones to Debut in September Panasonic has introduced a new generation of cordless telephones that operate in the new 2.4 GHz band allocated recently by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for personal communications. The telephones, which will be available in September, reportedly offer...
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The Book End

The Book End An Introduction to Classical Electromagnetic Radiation Glenn S. Smith Cambridge University Press 653 pages; $54.95 This book focuses on the fundamental aspects of electromagnetic radiation, and is intended for first-year graduate students with previous exposure to the subject. The emphasis is on providing an understanding of...
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Low Cost, Surface-mount RF Amplifiers for PCS Base Station Use

Two new low noise, high dynamic range RF amplifiers that cover the 1800 to 2000 MHz frequency range with typical noise figures of 1.1 and 1.2 dB, respectively
Low Cost, Surface-mount RF Amplifiers for PCS Base Station Use Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. Salem, NH Personal communications service (PCS) base station transmitter and receiver designs frequently require amplifiers that simultaneously exhibit a combination of low noise and excellent linearity and impedance match. Silicon and GaAs MMICs exhibit some of...
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A Multiposition Backup Switch

A DC to 3 GHz multiposition backup switch that features mechanically linked indicator circuits, TTL control, an immersion seal and multiple control circuit interfaces
A Multiposition Backup Switch Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Ventura, CA Today's high power RF communication systems often consist of multiple parallel amplifier stages to achieve high power and reliability. The use of RF transfer relays to provide automatic backup for a failed amplifier stage, as shown in Figure 1 ,...
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A 0.1 to 2.5 GHz Logarithmic Amplifier for RF Detection

This month's cover features a logarithmic detector controller IC that is the first of its kind to utilize a 0.1 2.5 GHz frequency range, offering a dynamic range of 65 dB and accuracy of ±1 dB
A 0.1 to 2.5 GHz Logarithmic Amplifier for RF Detection Analog Devices Wilmington, MA Logarithmic amplifiers typically are used to measure widely varying signal levels at high frequencies. These signals may vary in amplitude by 90 to 100 dB at frequencies to 3500 MHz. In addition, some log amplifiers...
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A Ka-band Linearizer for TWTAs

A predistortion-type linearizer designed to be installed within a high power traveling-wave tube amplifier to provide improved carrier-to-intermodulation performance and near-constant phase transfer characteristics
A Ka-band Linearizer for TWTAs Linearizer Technology Inc. Hamilton, NJ Even though traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) offer the best high power amplifier performance at high frequencies in terms of power, efficiency, size and cost, they lag behind solid-state power amplifiers in terms of linearity. Thus, some type of linearizer...
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An Internal Integrated Microstrip Antenna for PCS/Cellular Telephones and Other Hand-held Portable Communication Equipment

The advantages of a compact wideband internal integrated microstrip antenna compared to an external wire or retractable antenna for personal commuications service (PCS) and celllular telephones
An Internal Integrated Microstrip Antenna for PCS/Cellular Telephones and Other Hand-held Portable Communication Equipment A compact wideband internal integrated microstrip antenna for personal communications services (PCS) and cellular telephones has been developed. The internal microstrip antenna is extremely rugged and may be integrated into the PCB or plastic case...
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Don't Rule Out the MESFET!

The maturation of implanted GaAs MESFET technology, which supports key criteria for successful wireless products
Don't Rule Out the MESFET! Wes Mickanin TriQuint Semiconductor Hillsboro, OR The rapid increase in the number of wireless technology applications has finally launched the GaAs semiconductor industry onto a steeper growth curve. A variety of GaAs technologies compete for the best position with glowing reports of state-of-the-art devices...
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