RF & Microwave Industry News

Designing High Speed Paging Systems

Solutions and approaches to the design of new pagers and the software, hardware and semiconductor products that are becoming standard in this area
Designing High Speed Paging Systems The area of pager systems is changing with the introduction of new paging standards, particularly FLEX, in all worldwide markets. The semiconductor concepts for new pagers are developing rapidly toward even higher integration. Single-chip concepts, including decoding, controller tasks, level shifting, frequency synthesizer and...
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Behavior of GaAs FET Pulsed IV Characteristics

A comparison of the IV characteristics of GaAs MESFET devices acquired under a variety of pulsed conditions
Behavior of GaAs FET Pulsed IV Characteristics The IV characteristics of GaAs MESFET devices acquired under a variety of pulsed conditions are compared. The results show that the differences between the static and pulsed characteristics are not due to thermal effects alone as is sometimes assumed. J. Rodriguez-Tellez University...
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A Versatile Test Bench for Wireless RF/Microwave Component Characterization

A low cost RF/microwave test bench comprising a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and signal source fro measurements between 0.3 and 3 GHz
A Versatile Test Bench for Wireless RF/Microwave Component Characterization Recent advances in instrumentation, motivated by the volume and cost demands of the commercial wireless marketplace, allow a powerful RF/microwave test bench to be assembled at relatively low cost. A versatile test bench comprising a vector network analyzer (VNA), spectrum...
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Multilayer Bonding and Fabrication Guidelines

Fabrication of reliable, low cost multilayer structures aided by new materials and increased information
Multilayer Bonding and Fabrication Guidelines John Bushie Taconic ADD Petersburgh, NY Increased performance requirements, packaging size and cost reductions have placed a new pressure on the RF design engineer and PCB fabricator to develop new and innovative solutions. One of the recent approaches to achieving these objectives is combining...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Shareholders of Northrop Grumman Corp. have approved a merger pursuant to which the company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp. Of the more than 54 million shares voted (representing approximately 80 percent of the total shares outstanding), more than 97...
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New Products: Components

COMPONENTS Wideband Switch The model 1604 wideband 16 input x four output monitoring switch features a 3 to 14.5 GHz bandwidth, which makes it versatile for monitoring RF signals in a wide range of applications. Insertion loss is 12 dB (max) and input-to-output isolation is 60 dB (min). Each...
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New Products: Software

SOFTWARE FPGA Programmer The Silicon Sculptor PC-based field-programmable gate array (FPGA) programmer is designed for programming the company’s devices from a desktop PC rather than in a lab. A single adapter module can be used to program all devices within a package type, regardless of pin count. In addition,...
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New Products: Materials

MATERIALS Thick-film Gold Conductors The model QG150 high density, thick-film gold conductor composition is designed for interconnect applications that require ultra-fine-line resolution or superior performance at high frequency. The material features high conductivity, dense fired films, good edge definition to provide low loss at frequencies above 20 GHz, and...
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New Products: Systems

SYSTEMS RF Transceivers These RF transceivers are designed for use in very small aperture terminals and small earth stations. The units are offered in three configurations: a Ku-band unit, which is available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 W with dual-independent synthesizers; a C-band unit, which is available in...
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New Products: Hardware

HARDWARE Thermoelectric Solutions These heat sinks, which are composed of a bonded fin construction, are designed for 30 to 40 mm square thermoelectric coolers (TEC). The units provide more than twice the cooling of conventional extrusions, allowing original equipment manufacturers to increase the thermal performance of existing equipment or...
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