White Papers


C-Band Spectrum: How It's Transforming 5G

Operators are currently undertaking a massive investment in upgrading the infrastructure of both wireline and wireless networks. The need to upgrade and change is fueled by the billions of connected devices belonging to the IoT ecosystem and the new demands they will place on 5G fronthaul networks as operators begin rolling out 5G.

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Thermally Optimizing a High-Power PCB

Targeting higher performance and efficiency, the power stages of battery-powered applications must manage high currents while meeting strict power dissipation and size requirements. This white paper illustrates a thermally aware workflow used by STMicroelectronics to optimize an evaluation board deployed in battery-powered electronics that achieved maximum system performance in a short timeframe.

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Rohde and Schwarz

Improving R&S®FSWP Measurement Speed

The Rohde & Schwarz®FSWP is a modern, digital signal processing based, phase-noise test set that performs many tasks in parallel in an effort to improve measurements speed. However, several measurement settings drastically affect measurement speed. This paper will discuss these settings and provide suggestions on improving overall measurement speed.

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Richardson RFPD

RF System Design Accelerators: Hardware Development Tools to Speed Time-to-Market and Reduce Risk

RF and radio system development is becoming more complex at a time that technical support is becoming more diffused. Design Accelerator hardware development tools can speed design and development. This paper presents how Design Accelerators reduce design time, an analysis of how different types of accelerator boards serve different development needs (from designing waveforms or developing software, to proving concepts and prototyping), as well as an exploration of the different levels of integration available in accelerator boards.

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