Microwave Journal

Indra Modernizes Radar Stations in Turkey

July 12, 2010

Indra has concluded the modernization of the first two radar stations of the air traffic surveillance network in Turkey. Bahçe station will serve the control center of Ankara, the country’s capital; the station located in Antalya will serve the control center located in this region, which is an important tourist destination.

The delivery is a landmark in the modernization of the country’s air traffic infrastructures and will expand the management capacity of both control centers. In addition, the stations comply with, and indeed exceed the International Civil Aviation Authorities (IATA) standards.

The modernization work carried out at the Bahçe and Ankara stations are within the framework of a project commissioned by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey, DHMI, to Indra in 2009, which includes modernization of 19 radar stations of the country’s air space surveillance network. In total, Indra will deploy 18 secondary mode S radars, characterized by accurate identification. The company will also begin work on the Air Approach Control Centre at Trabzon airport, at the North of the country.