Microwave Journal

Passive Plus Offers Extended Working Voltage Capability

May 24, 2010

Passive Plus Inc. offers an Extended Working Voltage capability for its core Hi Q/low ESR Capacitor line, now available in six case sizes: .055” x.055” extended up to 300 WVDC; .110” x .110” extended up to 1,000 WVDC; .225”x.225” extended up to 5,000 WVDC; .390” x.390” extended up to 7,200 WVDC; .614” x .433” extended up to 9,000 WVDC; and .760” x .760” extended up to 10,000 WVDC.

All product lines are available in P90 or NPO dielectrics with a variety of terminations and lead styles. All products are also available in non-magnetic termination styles. Delivery: Stock to two weeks for most items.