Microwave Journal

EB Expands RF Range Support

January 22, 2010

EB (Elektrobit), a developer of embedded technology solutions for wireless and automotive industries, announced the availability of a new frequency range extension into a VHF band that enhances the EB Propsim F8 platform emulation capabilities in defense, military and public safety applications.

The new frequency range extension option installed into the EB Propsim F8 extends the RF frequency range of the standalone EB Propsim F8 emulator to 220 to 3000 MHz/6000 MHz. With this new option, the testing of VHF radios can be done without external down/up conversion modules.

The new low-band option enhances the testing capabilities of the EB Propsim F8 emulator from the development and throughout the testing of radios developed, e.g. in Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) and European Secure Software Defined Radio (ESSOR) programs.

The new frequency range extension of the EB Propsim F8, together with EB's modeling tools and EB's expertise on radio channel modeling, provides an efficient and cost-saving method to implement test scenarios for the wireless communication systems and applications in a laboratory environment.

EB’s Propsim products offer the highest channel emulation performance in the market and full repeatability of test scenarios, which guarantees realistic radio channel emulation for wireless communications applications in the aerospace, defense, cellular communication, military, telemetry and satellite communication areas.