Microwave Journal

ATC Offers 800R Ceramic, High RF Power Lowest ESR MLCs

September 14, 2009

ATC introduces the new 800R NPO ceramic, high RF power lowest ESR MLC series. It is manufactured in one of ATC's signature case sizes; case R (0.070" x 0.090") with a capacitance range of 1 to 100 pF at 500 W VDC.

The 800R series is designed to provide superior heat transfer in high RF power applications from UHF through microwave frequencies. The 800R was designed with new NPO low loss rugged dielectric and a silver-rich electrode system. The combination of ATC's proprietary dielectric material and electrode formulations make this series highly desirable for high RF power applications.

ATC's new 800R series is designed and manufactured to provide superior performance and reliability. This series is ideal for use in telecommunications, UHF/HDTV broadcast transmitters, public safety radio, avionics, microwave and satellite communication systems, medical electronics applications as well as many others.