Microwave Journal

NEC Electronics and Renesas Integrate Business Operations

May 1, 2009

NEC Electronics Corp., Renesas Technology Corp., NEC Corp., Hitachi Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. have entered into negotiations to integrate business operations at NEC Electronics and Renesas. NEC Electronics was established in 2002, separating from NEC, and Renesas was established in 2003, integrating semiconductor units at Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric.

As leading semiconductor companies NEC Electronics and Renesas provide a wide variety of semiconductor solutions, primarily specializing in microcontroller units (MCU). Both companies also focus on the fast-growing field of system-on-chip (SoC) products. NEC Electronics is a leading producer of SoCs for digital consumer electronics, while Renesas is a well established manufacturer of SoCs for mobile phones and automotive applications.

In light of fierce global competition in the semiconductor market, NEC Electronics and Renesas have agreed to explore the possibility of business integration in order to further strengthen their business foundations and technological assets while increasing corporate value through enhanced customer satisfaction.

The new integrated company will have three major product groups, MCUs, SoCs, and discrete products, and will become the world's third-largest semiconductor business. The new company will select and focus on the development of projects covering a diverse range of fields and will expand its comprehensive lineup of globally competitive products. In terms of the discrete semiconductor business, both companies will define strategies to enhance the competitiveness of analog and discrete products that generate synergies with MCUs.

In order to address the ongoing challenges of the current economic downturn, NEC Electronics and Renesas will each execute structural reform plans in order to strengthen their business frameworks. Upon completion of these structural reforms, the two companies will integrate their operations to achieve synergies and boost profitability. It is believed that this integration will result in the establishment of a powerful new semiconductor company that is capable of consistently achieving high earnings and maintaining the ability to withstand changing market conditions.

NEC Electronics and Renesas plan to sign an agreement at the end of July 2009 to integrate their business operations. The preconditions for holding future negotiations are to integrate business operations on 1 April 2010, and to maintain public listing for the new company.