Microwave Journal

A Coaxial High Frequency Relay for 26.5 GHz Applications

July 6, 2005

A series of high frequency relays has recently been developed that feature very small size and low power consumption. The most recent relay in this series is the model G9YA, a 26.5 GHz coaxial relay designed primarily for mobile communications base station and antenna applications. The new single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay is available in a failsafe/non-latching configuration and a latching configuration, and features high isolation (55 dB minimum at 26.5 GHz) and low insertion loss (0.8 dB maximum at 26.5 GHz). Figures 1 and 2 show the isolation and insertion loss versus frequency characteristics, respectively.

Fig. 1 The G9YA relay's isolation vs. frequency characteristics.

Fig. 2 The G9YA relay's insertion loss vs. frequency.

One of the more significant properties of this relay and the others in the HF family is its low power consumption, a mere 700 mW for the failsafe/non-latching type and 500 mW for the latching configuration. Note, the latching G9YA model saves power by requiring only a set or reset pulse to change operating states. In addition, the switch is capable of handling 120 W of power. Its HF characteristics include a 1.7 max VSWR and a maximum switching time of 15 ms at 20?C. The new relay operates over a temperature range of –55?C to +85?C and a relative humidity range of 5 to 85 percent, and is housed in a 34 × 13.2 × 37.8 mm (L × W × H) package with SMA connectors.

Applications for the G9YA 26.5 GHz relay include mobile communications base station antenna switching, power amplifier switching, band pass filter switching and tower-mounted amplifier switching, as well as transmitter and receiver, power amplifier and low noise amplifier redundancy switching.

This new 26.5 GHz coaxial HF relay joins a growing family of similar HF relays from Omron. The models G6K-RF, G6Z, G6Y and G6W HF relays (see Figure 3) all feature small size and low power consumption. The G6Z is a 2.6 GHz SPDT surface-mount relay that features 50 W and 75 W impedance models and measures 20 × 8.6 × 8.9 mm (L × W × H) with E-shaped or Y-shaped terminal structures. E and Y input and output terminal arrangements give designers the ability to layout a PC board without the need for extra tracings and patterns. The G6W relay is a 5 GHz surface-mountable SPDT relay with Y-shaped terminals that measures 20 × 9.4 × 8.9 mm. The G6K-RF is a compact HF DPDT relay with 2 Form C contacts that measures 5.4 × 6.9 × 10.3 mm; the G6Y 900 MHz SPDT relay is based on microstrip line technology and is 20.7 × 11.7 × 9.2 mm. The G6Z and G6W relays are available in SMT and PCB through-hole packaging. The G6Y is PCB through-hole mountable and the G6K-RF is available in SMT.

Fig. 3 Models G6W, G6K-RF, G6Z and G6Y from left to right.

In addition to the wireless infrastructure applications of all of the described switches, the G6Z and G6Y relays are applicable to digital TV tuners, test equipment, security systems and satellite communications equipment.

Consult the company for pricing and availability for the G9YA coaxial HF relay. The G6K-RF, G6Z, G6Y and G6W are all available from stock. The G6Y and G6Z relays are $1.50 for 10,000 pieces. The G6K-RF is $10.00 for 10,000 and the G6W is $50.00 for 10,000. Additional information may be obtained from the company’s Web site at www.info.omron.com.

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