Microwave Journal

Thunderline-Z Introduces Mini Surface-mount 50 Ohm Feedthrus

April 23, 2009

Thunderline-Z, a designer and manufacturer of RF, DC and Capacitive Feedthrus, as well as soldered and direct sealed hermetic packages, is pleased to announce a new product release, a mini surface-mount 50 ohm feedthru. Based on Thunderline’s successful initial SMT Bell Pin offering, this new product has been designed to emulate the existing design but will be one third less in size and will be built with a smaller pin. The use of a smaller pin in the new mini surface-mount package will enable Thunderline customers to use this part in both J-band and K-band frequency ranges. Based on initial expectations, Thunderline anticipates this part will perform to limits somewhere between 22 and 25 GHz. Volume quantities are available now. Thunderline will offer the part in both discrete form and can also install the units into customer designed packages.