Microwave Journal

WIN Announces Foundry PDK for Use with Agilent's ADS

February 19, 2009

WIN Semiconductors announced the availability of a process design kit (PDK) for H2W PH50-00 process, which includes Enhancement/Depletion-mode PHEMT and HBT process technology. The WIN PDK, developed for use with Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software from Agilent Technologies, enables high-frequency RF and microwave designers to create compact integrated circuits composed of power amplifiers, switches, low-noise amplifiers, mixers and logic circuitry.

"This kit offers the most accurate models available for PHEMT and HBT process technologies,” said Gary St. Onge, vice president of technical marketing at WIN Semiconductors. "Our customers expect us to fit seamlessly into the ADS design flow to make their design flow more efficient and allow them to achieve first-pass success quickly and with reduced development costs.”

The WIN PH50-00 kit supports a complete ADS front-to-back monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design flow with design rule checker, and includes discontinuities models, scalable capacitors, inductors and resistors, pads, vias and non-linear models for active devices (PHEMTs and HBT). In addition, custom menus have been added to this PDK. There is no add-on design kit requirement for using these menus. The custom menus are available from the Schematic and Layout windows and provide designers access to the powerful features and functionality of ADS. The new features will help designers drastically reduce design cycle time.

“This PDK demonstrates our continuous productive working relationship with WIN Semiconductors,” said Avery Chung, foundry program manager with Agilent’s EEsof EDA division. “With the joint-efforts between WIN and Agilent, our mutual customers will be able to enjoy the leading process technologies and access to a powerful, seamless MMIC design solution through a fast and efficient design flow.”