Microwave Journal

Nujira Plays it Cool with Sanmina-SCI in China

December 15, 2008

Nujira has placed a volume production contract for its Coolteq™ power modulator modules for cellular base stations with Sanmina-SCI in Shenzhen, China. Nujira Coolteq modules can significantly reduce the energy consumption of 3G and 4G base stations by improving the efficiency of the RF transmission circuits.

The modules are based on the company’s High Accuracy Tracking (HAT™) technology that modulates the power supply to the RF power amplifier continuously in line with the transmission requirements. Coolteq-H cellular network modules are the first to enter volume production and the engagement with Sanmina-SCI also covers the future manufacturing of the recently announced Coolteq-U broadcast power modulator modules.

Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira, commented, “Nujira modules are currently either being evaluated under contract or embedded into products by fifteen top cellular and broadcast infrastructure vendors. The demand that these engagements are generating makes it cost-effective to move Coolteq production out of its current European location to a lower cost facility in China. Coolteq modules are complex products, and we carefully evaluated the manufacturing expertise and the quality parameters of a large number of global EMS vendors before selecting Sanmina-SCI as a partner that could meet our standards within a competitive business model.”

Oliver Digel, senior vice president of business development, EMEA, for Sanmina-SCI, added, “Nujira is an exciting venture because it has a solution that delivers both environmental and business benefits to cellular network and broadcast transmitter operators at a time when they are renewing their infrastructure. We’re delighted to have been selected as their manufacturing partner for these demanding products.”