Microwave Journal

EADS Defence & Security Installs R&D Center in Canada

October 6, 2008

EADS Defence & Security has announced a major expansion plan to make PlantCML in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, its North American R&D and top-level technological support centre for the large-scale SN P25 public safety and security digital communications systems market. SN P25 systems permit the seamless integration of multiple first responder services into one shared communications and data-sharing secure network.

The company acquired PlantCML earlier this year. Under the new plan it will provide the research and development and client support services for Secure Networks (SN), an integrated activity of EADS Defence and Security division and become the center of excellence for SN P25 R&D and operations. The company foresees an estimated 25 percent increase to the current highly skilled workforce of 160 in the Gatineau facility and an expected expansion of facilities to accommodate the growth in the next 18 to 24 months.

EADS Secure Networks president Jean-Marc Nasr said, “PlantCML will be at the heart of our operations to serve existing and new clients across North America in the rapidly expanding market for the new wave of integrated public and private digital security communications systems.”

He added, “We were delighted to acquire PlantCML this year as it is already the leading North American supplier of crisis communications and response solutions for public and private safety. It has served thousands of clients, from 911 centers and military bases, to airports and utilities.”