Microwave Journal

Aeroflex Announces Advanced Field Tests with the Handheld 3500 Test Set

July 31, 2008

Aeroflex announced the release of new software for the 3500 1 GHz handheld radio test set to support Survey Technologies Field Test 6 Software. Now, users of the 3500 series can improve and automate the acquisition, analysis and display of signal strength across a given terrain, as well as inside buildings. Field Test 6 has expanded the drive-test measurement concept to include indoor measurement and analysis for applications where GPS is not available. The handheld capability of the 3500, along with the Field Test 6 software, allows users to map out their building or geographical areas and find any sections that contain a weak signal. Armed with this information users can improve critical communications within those areas.

“The 3500 with software release 3.2.0 provides for advanced testing of signal strength and provides a very portable, handheld solution for mapping signal strength inside buildings. Weighing only eight pounds, the 3500 is ideal for anyone that needs portable signal strength tests,” says Rob Barden, director of product marketing for Aeroflex.

In addition to the support for the Field Test 6 software, version 3.2.0 now supports a new audio scope feature for viewing demodulated audio signals or for use in troubleshooting audio circuits.