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Flex Your Backhaul Network with Adaptive Coding & Modulation

July 2, 2008

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) was designed to help operators maximize spectrum usage and increase the capacity of their backhaul links over any given channel bandwidth, under any weather condition, at any link budget. This paper provides an introduction to ACM and offers a number of examples that show how the technology simplifies mobile network planning and helps operators achieve better results both in the field as well as on their balance sheets.

Wireless point-to-point (PtP) microwave solutions, used in over 50% of all mobile backhaul deployments worldwide (and nearly 70% outside the U.S.A.), offer operators a simple, cost efficient path for upgrading and expanding their networks. These solutions support higher data rates than copper T1/E1 lines, and easily overcome the high cost and limited availability associated with fiber. Yet wireless backhaul has its constraints. Network planners often caught between the need to increase the capacity and availability of the network, and the need keep cost at check. Now, a new and unique technology called Adaptive Coding & Modulation, or ACM, makes high-capacity PtP microwave even more attractive.

ACM refers to the automatic adjustment that a wireless system can make in order to optimize over-the-air transmission and prevent weather-related fading from causing communication on the link to be disrupted (the technology is discussed in detail in the last section of this paper).

In April 2008, Ceragon Networks introduced its FibeAir® IP-10 solution which features full-range dynamic ACM. This advanced platform was designed to meet the unique requirements of mobile operators and to help network planners to successfully deal with some of the more common constraints of today mobile networks. These constraints include: capacity and availability limitation, scarce frequency resources, covering the distance between cell towers and reducing overall rent, licensing and equipment costs.

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