Microwave Journal

RFMD Introduces Single and Dual Junction Isolators

June 25, 2008

RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD®) announced the introduction of nine single junction and dual junction isolators for wireless infrastructure applications. The new products include the PIxxxxAG-21H line of 30 W reverse power single junction isolators and the PDxxxxAQ-21H line of 100 W reverse power dual junction isolators designed for the high-power, linear amplification sections of cellular base stations.

Both the PIxxxxAG-21H line and the PDxxxxAQ-21H line of isolators are constructed with samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets packaged in aluminum housings, providing immediate improvements in reliability and performance as well as a "green" environmentally friendlier application, versus existing generations of isolators. Each new product delivers excellent electrical performance and rugged construction developed to meet the more demanding operational requirements of the new highly-integrated dual- and quad-density platforms utilized in next-generation cellular base stations.