Microwave Journal

ELVA-1 Forges Special Links in Czech Republic

June 13, 2008

Czech networking and communications technology distributor ATLANTIS Datacom has installed a Czech Republic version of ELVA-1's Gigabit Ethernet Radio Link for Internet service provider JHComp in Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic. This special version of the ELVA-1 PPC-1000 model is produced specifically for operation in the Czech Republic, where the authorized frequency bands are 74 to 76 GHz and 84 to 86 GHz, whereas a standard PPC-1000 is intended for worldwide use in the 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz frequency bands.

A Concept of General Authorization for radio frequency use and for the operation of equipment for fixed radio systems in the 74 to 76 GHz and 84 to 86 GHz bands was issued by the Czech Republic Ministry of Telecommunication on April 21, 2008. This Concept authorizes Internet service providers to use these bands, and stimulates innovations in equipment developed for them.

An advantage of the 74 to 76 GHz and 84 to 86 GHz frequency bands is the freedom from interference from other nearby radio links, even those operating in the same bands. Multipath reflections are non-existent at these frequencies, and the narrow beam width of the Cassegrain Antenna allows many radio links to work simultaneously in the same area. One condition of the Czech Concept is that the radio systems (stations) may operate only with minimal antenna gain of 43 dBi and antenna input power of 30 dBm maximum. ELVA-1 PPC-1000 Gigabit Radio Links satisfy these requirements.

Martin Smrha, wireless product manager at ATLANTIS Datacom, stated, "ELVA's ultra high speed radio links are a perfect solution for enabling JHComp to provide high speed interconnection between two remote networks. The PPC-1000 meets all of its declared specifications completely. The installation of two radios to cover a 6 km link distance took only a few hours. There is no indoor unit, and the outdoor unit is connected directly to a switch or router by customer-supplied fiber optic cable."

Interestingly, he also added, "We have been very pleased to find that the PPC-1000 antenna radomes have a special covering which prevents snow from sticking to them!"