Microwave Journal

71st ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference: Technical Program

May 21, 2008

71st ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference

Conference Theme: Network Analysis: 50 Years On

June 20, 2008
Omni Hotel at CNN Center
Atlanta, GA

Technical Agenda

Paper abstracts available at: www.arftg.org/conferences/71st_conference.html.

Oral Papers

ARFTG 50 Year Network Analyzer History (Keynote – invited)
D K Rytting, Rytting Consulting, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Network Analyzer Calibrations – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
K Wong, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Using Uncertain Complex Numbers with VNA Measurements
B D Hall, Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, New Zealand

Monte-Carlo Analysis of Measurement Uncertainties for On-Wafer Thru-Reflect-Line Calibrations
J Leinhos, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany; U Arz, Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany

A Mixed-Mode TRL Algorithm Based on Symmetrical Reflection Standards
W Liang, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China; L Quanli, Agilent Technologies, Beijing, China

Accurate Broadband RLCG Parameter Extraction with TRL Calibration
M Wojnowski, M Engl, V Issakov, G Sommer, Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany; R Weigel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Over-Determined Offset Short Calibration of a VNA
J P Hoffmann, P Leuchtmann and R Vahldieck, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

A New Method for Determining the Characteristic Impedance Zc of Transmission Lines Embedded in Symmetrical Transitions
J E Zúñiga-Juárez, J A Reynoso-Hernández and A Zárate-de Landa, CICESE, Ensenada, B C México

Analysis and Design of Impedance Transformed Balun Integrated Microwave Probe for Differential Circuit Measurement
J S Kim, W R Eisenstadt, University of Florida, FL, USA; M Andrew and P Hanaway, Cascade Microtech Inc, Beaverton, OR, USA

Comparison of a Single Channel and a Dual Channel Microwave Attenuation Measurement System
T Y Wu and S W Chua, National Metrology Centre, Singapore

Phase Shift De-Skew of Oscilloscope Current and Voltage Sensing Probes by Means of Energy Balance
Molina Gaudó and C Bernal, University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Active Harmonic Phase Standard with Low Sensitivity to Input Power Levels and Fundamental Drive Frequency
D Gunyan and Y P Teoh, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

An Extension of Existing Real-Time On-wafer Load Pull Systems to Perform Time Domain Voltage/Current Waveform Reconstruction
I Volokhine, NXP-TSMC Research Center, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Interactive Forum Papers

An advanced Full Path Loop-Back Testing Technique for Embedded RF Indentification (RFID) System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Applications
B Kim, I-C Park, D Yoo, J Koo, I Kim, B W Choi, Y Bae and B Y Kim, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Measurement Uncertainty of Direct Power Measurement Using the Pulse Sensor MA2411B
Y S (B) Lee, Anritsu Corporation, Morgan Hill, CA, USA

Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors using an Active Load Pull LSNA setup
C Gaquière, D Théron, D Ducatteau, J M Bethoux, H Happy, G Dambrine, IEMN, France; A Curutchet, IMS, France; M Werquin, Microwave Characterization Center, France; and V Derycke, CEA – Saclay, France

High-Power On-Wafer Capabilities of a Time Domain Load-pull Setup
F De Groote, J P Teyssier, J Verspecht, Verspecht-Teyssier-DeGroote SAS, Brive, France; J Faraj, Limoges University, Brive, France

Verification of Wafer-Level Calibration Accuracy at High Temperatures
A Rumiantsev, SUSS MicroTec Test Systems GmbH, Sacka, Germany; R Doerner, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik (FBH), Berlin, Germany

A Proposed VNA Calibration Requirement for Chinese Government
L Xinmeng, H Hui, National Institute of Metrology, Beijing, China; Y-S (B) Lee, Anritsu Corporation, Morgan Hill, CA, USA

A Load-Pull Wafer-Mapper
F Vanaverbeke, K Vaesen, D Xiao, L Pauwels, W De Raedt, M Germain, S Degroote, J Das, J Derluyn and D Schreurs, IMEC vzw, Kapeldreef, Belgium

Quantitative Understanding of the Mated Interface Characteristics of Precision Coaxial Connectors at Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
M Horibe, M Shida and K Komiyama, National Metrology Institute of Japan, Japan

On-Chip Cancellation of Parasitic Effects for Dielectric Permittivity Measurement
C Song and P Wang, Clemson University, SC, USA

A Method for Automatic Tuner Verification
E M Johnson, Freescale Semiconductor, Tempe, AZ, USA