Microwave Journal

Comtech Wins $1.2 M Satellite Communications Contract

March 20, 2008

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced that its Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., received a $1.2 M order from a United States government agency for satellite communications equipment. The equipment will support the build out of a new satellite communications network.

The order includes Comtech EF Data's SLM-5650A Satellite Modem and 1:1 Redundancy Switches. The SLM-5650A Satellite Modem is designed to comply with the strict requirements of the Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) defined in MIL-STD-188-165A, modem types I, II, IV, V and VI. It supports data rates from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps and symbol rates from 32 ksps to 64 Msps.

To support networking applications, this government agency will deploy the SLM-5650A Satellite Modems with the optional Network Processor module. The Network Processor module provides advanced Internet Protocol features, including routing, switching and Quality of Service. Utilizing the Network Processor, the SLM-5650A Satellite Modems can be configured as Ethernet switches or high-speed routers. Additionally, Multi-level Quality of Service is provided to reduce jitter and latency for real-time traffic, and mission-critical traffic can be given priority treatment for the available bandwidth. The advanced and bandwidth-efficient features will enable the government to optimize throughput on its satellite communications links.

"This order demonstrates the US government's continued confidence in Comtech to deliver advanced infrastructure solutions that support mission-critical communications," said Fred Kornberg, president and chief executive officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.