Microwave Journal

Freescale Selects SUSS Tool Set for MEMS Facility

January 22, 2008

SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of precision manufacturing and test equipment for the semiconductor and emerging markets, has shipped and successfully installed several microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) production tools at Freescale Semiconductor. The equipment included a new DSM200 Series Front-to-Back Alignment Verification System, the latest generation SUSS MA200Compact Mask Aligner as well as a SUSS ABC200 series Wafer Bond Cluster system for use in MEMS sensor applications.

Freescale first purchased and installed the equipment in its 150 mm Sendai Fab and based on successful experience there, the company purchased additional tools for its 200 mm MEMS production line at its Oak Hill Fab in Austin, TX. “Front-to-Backside alignment verification is an important metric for Freescale for cost-effective mass production of MEMS devices,” said Satoru Matsumoto, vice president, Fab Operations, Freescale Semiconductor. “The ability of the DSM system to provide outstanding process control at an early stage of the process can help produce a higher overall yield. We chose SUSS MicroTec because it offers effective lithographic and wafer bonding solutions for MEMS applications as part of a competitive package."

Rolf Wolf, general manager, SUSS MicroTec’s Lithography division, responded, “We are very honored that Freescale has chosen SUSS lithography and bonding systems for its MEMS production. SUSS is excited to contribute to the remarkable progress that is currently being made in this market.”