Microwave Journal

New Literature

August 2, 2007

Short Form Catalog

This 12-page, full-color short form catalog features the company’s complete range of products that are ideal for test and measurement, SATCOM, telecom, commercial and military applications. Products include: programmable attenuators, variable step attenuators, terminations, loads, DC blocks, bias tees and RF detectors. In addition, the catalog provides an overview of custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

Alan Industries Inc.
Columbus, IN (812) 372-8869

RS No. 200

COMSOL Conference CD

The COMSOL Conference CD is a compilation of user contributed slides, papers and models presented at multiphysics conferences worldwide. CD highlights include: 272 papers from the proceedings, 153 user presentations, 32 keynote presentations and 30 ready-to-run COMSOL models. Applications include: AC/DC systems, acoustics, electrostatics and magnetostatics, MEMS and microfluidics, RF and microwave engineering.

Burlington, MA (781) 273-3322

RS No. 201

Product Selection Guide

The June 2007 product selection guide summarizes over 500 of the company’s products. Newly redesigned are dedicated sections for connectorized modules, designer’s kits, application circuits and a competitor cross-reference table. This new selection guide contains new products released in 2007, which are not included in the 2007 designer’s guide catalog. In addition, an updated version of Hittite’s popular 2007 designer’s guide CD-ROM is now available.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343

RS No. 202

Nano-technology Measurement Handbook

This 124-page guide to electrical measurements for nanoscience applications offers practical assistance in making precision low level DC and pulse measurements on nanomaterials and devices and provides an overview of the theoretical and practical considerations involved in measuring low currents, high resistances, low voltages and low resistances.

Keithley Instruments Inc.
Cleveland, OH (800) 688-9951

RS No. 203

Product Selection Guide

This product selection guide provides a simple overview of the company’s new and existing RF devices for engineers. Products detailed in the guide are designed for a wide range of applications in wireless base stations, WiFi, WiMAX, GPS, cellular, digital cable, satellite and optical communications systems. Get the guide by visiting www.triquint.com/rf to receive a .pdf download or to order a printed copy.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000

RS No. 204

Identification and Labeling Catalog

This new identification solutions product catalog includes technical specifications and other information for wire and harness identification products, label identification products, hardware, printers and software. The identification and labeling products in the catalog are suitable for general-purpose commercial applications as well as many industrial applications.

Tyco Electronics Corp.
Harrisburg, PA (800) 522-6752

RS No. 205