Microwave Journal

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Announces 144 x 144 Digital Switch Matrices

June 5, 2007

The Electronics Group of Crane Aerospace & Electronics, a Crane Co. segment, announced a new digital switch matrix family providing switching for high data rate emitter coupled logic (ECL) signals up to 300 Mb/s, or for the lower data rate of RS-422 signals.

The matrices are configured so that they can accommodate up to 144 inputs and 144 outputs (which can be distributed among clock and data signals).

They provide full fan-out operation, allowing each input to be routed to any or all outputs simultaneously. They are also non-blocking, meaning that any number of input and output combinations can be connected. These devices are ideal for large data routing installations. The matrices can be configured for ECL signals (model 1130) or RS-422 signals (model 1120) with the choice of input and output circuit interface cards.

With focus on reliability and maintaining up-time of the installation, they incorporate redundant and user replaceable power supplies. They provide an alarm when failure occurs. This allows for the failing power supply to be powered down and replaced, from the front of the unit, while the matrix remains operational.

Other important features include user programmable signal presence/loss detection at each output. A modular design allows user serviceability with advanced built-in test features. The units can be commanded from the front panel using a keypad and color graphical display, through an RS-232 direct interface or through a 10/100 TCP/IP LAN interface. All choices offer full access to the available command set.

“These switch matrices provide a unique solution for signal switching in large SATCOM and data communications installations,” said Gene Joles, vice president of Microwave Systems Solutions, Electronics Group.