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New Waves: MTT-S Product Showcase

May 2, 2007

Silver Waveguide Tube

Coin silver waveguide tube has been added to the company’s growing list of “in stock” items. The company stocks all ridged aluminum, copper, bronze, invar and stainless steel waveguide tube along with the newly added WR3 to WR75 coin silver. It stocks aluminum flange in sizes WR22 to WR137 and aluminum double-ridged waveguide tube in all popular sizes. The company also supplies WR28 to WR284 bronze and aluminum cast bends. It offers “same day” shipping for all items in stock.

A-Alpha Waveguide Co.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 322-3487,


Booth 1515 | RS 216

Workstation Products

The Accelerator™ Board and ClusterInABox™ Workstation products harness the parallel processing power of graphics processing units (GPU) to deliver unrivaled performance and data processing speeds. These products seamlessly integrate with existing simulation/modeling applications, increasing speed by up to 25 times. The company accelerates electromagnetic simulations, such as: antenna design, printed circuit boards and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Acceleware Corp.,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (403) 210-9650,


Booth 949 | RS 217

Spectrum Analyzers

Ideal for wireless design, research and development and production test engineers, the 3280 series spectrum analyzers now offers digital demodulation for the analysis of 802.11a, b and g wireless networks. Digital demodulation in the 3280 series spectrum analyzers allows engineers to analyze the transmitter characteristics of a wireless device. Digital demodulation in the 3280 series is easily operated in one of two modes. Full-frequency mode links the rear panel IF output at 421.4 MHz to the demodulator input, allowing the user to demodulate signals over the full frequency range of the spectrum analyzer (3, 13.2 or 26.5 GHz). Dual-channel mode links directly from the instrument’s front panel or optionally via a rear panel connector to create a unique dual-channel instrument. The frequency range for the direct input of the demodulator is 300 MHz to 3 GHz. Price: $23,000. Delivery: 10 weeks.

Plainview, NY (516) 694-6700,


Booth 1342 | RS 218

Type N Attenuators

This newly designed 9070 series of 2 W Type N attenuators provides money-saving solutions for volume applications while providing good performance from DC to 6 GHz with a 1.25 VSWR. The units are available in 1 to 10 dB (in full dB increments) and in 15 and 20 dB attenuation values. These attenuators are ideally suited for WiFi and indoor distribution applications, wireless LAN, wireless infrastructure and E-911 Kits. The attenuators are RoHS compliant and meet the shock and vibration profiles required in MIL-A-3933.

Ann Arbor, MI (734) 426-5553,


Booth 500 | RS 219

GaN Broadband Power Amplifier

The model SSPA 0.5-3.0-50 is a high power, broadband, Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF amplifier that operates in a frequency range from 0.5 to 3 GHz. This PA is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over a multi-octave bandwidth. This amplifier was designed for broadband jamming and communication systems platforms. The amplifier operates with a base plate temperature of 85°C with no degradation in the MTBF for the GaN devices inside. The RF line up is comprised of all GaN devices. It is packaged in a modular housing that is approximately 7.0" (width) by 9.0" (long) by 1.5" (height).

Aethercomm Inc.,
San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340,


Booth 505 | RS 220

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The N9340A is Agilent’s first handheld spectrum analyzer specifically designed for installation and maintenance field work, with frequency range from 100 kHz to 3 GHz. N9340A’s performance ensures testing effectiveness and efficiency. The fast measurement speed (10 ms at non-zero span) greatly improves field test efficiency. The low DANL and narrow RBW help a user get a complete understanding of the spectrum. The optimized usability of N9340A helps improve the testing efficiency. 7.2" LCD screen provides a clearer reading of the spectrum scans, even in direct sunlight. USB connectivity for both memory stick and PC control provides the most efficient way to manage test data. The 11-language UI makes operating N9340A simple around the world.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Chengdu Instruments Division,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 829-4444,


Booth 1023 | RS 221

USB Power Sensors

The standalone Agilent U2000 series USB power sensors make fast and accurate average power measurements–without power meters. The U2000 series sensor offers a more affordable and portable solution compared to a power meter, or any other similar power sensor solution. USB-powered and with built-in triggering, the sensor does not need external power adapters and triggering modules for synchronization with external instruments or events. Besides easy set up with USB, the sensor also comes with the feature-packed N1918A software for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Basic Instruments Division,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 829-4444,


Booth 1023 | RS 222

Ultra-broadband Capacitor

The 545L series ultra-broadband capacitor (UBC™) is now available in both 10 and 16 W VDC versions, including optional gold terminations. Designed and manufactured with highest quality materials to provide reliable and repeatable ultra-broadband performance from 16 kHz through 40+ GHz, the 545L has been engineered in an orientation-insensitive 0402 SMT package, making it fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations. The 545L is designed to provide superior broadband performance and reliability, ultra-low insertion loss, flat frequency response and an excellent match over multiple octaves of frequency spectrum in a one-piece configuration.

American Technical Ceramics,
Huntington Station, NY (631) 622-4700,


Booth 501 | RS 223


These amplifiers are designed to operate at extremely low temperatures (as far down as 16°K or –257°C) in order to take advantage of the decreased noise figures at those levels. To make it easier to keep these amps cool, the company has designed an extremely efficient amplifier with low DC voltage options (as low as +3 VDC), low current consumption and a lightweight, compact housing. Noise figures as low as 0.07 dB (< 5°K) are possible.

AmpliTech Inc.,
Holbrook, NY (631) 521-7831,


Booth 713 | RS 224

High Speed Sampler

The AP3501 high speed sampler is an equivalent time sampler for applications in microwave downconverters, network analyzers and sampling oscilloscopes. The highly integrated sampler features a 35 GHz RF bandwidth, with sampling rates up to 800 MS/s and ECL-compatible drive. It is available as a connectorized component, as bare die and in a chip-scale QFN package. The bare die and QFN packaged sampler are attractive for price sensitive commercial applications such as UWB communications and ranging.

AnaPico AG,
Zürich, Switzerland +41-44-440 00 51,


Booth 442 | RS 225

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The MS2724B ultra-portable spectrum analyzer features unparalleled performance and continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 20 GHz. Anritsu also introduces the MS2721B and MS2723B handheld spectrum analyzers that offer frequency coverage up to 7.1 and 13 GHz, respectively. The high performance and measurement capability of the MS272xB series make it easier for engineers and field technicians to design, deploy and optimize the performance of wireless devices and networks ranging from commercial to defense and public safety.

Anritsu Co.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-2000,


Booth 423 | RS 226

HFSS v11

HFSS™ v11 offers even greater accuracy, capacity and performance. HFSS is widely used for designing RF/microwave components, on-chip passives, PCB interconnects, antennas and IC packages. New higher-order, hierarchical basis combined with an iterative solver provides accurate fields, smaller meshes and efficient solutions for large multi-wavelength structures. Complex geometries solve 2 to 5x faster using half the memory with the new v11 fault tolerant, high quality finite element mesher. Continued user interface refinement and data linking enables co-design of complex electronic systems.

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200,


Booth 701 | RS 227

Voltage-controlled Oscillators

This “D” class of voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) modules incorporates proprietary YRO™ and coaxial resonator technology. Using internal doublers, these VCOs exhibit typical SSB phase noise of –103 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz across 500 MHz of tuning bandwidth. A variety of package sizes are available incorporating internal amplifiers, bandpass filters and voltage regulators. Additional multipliers can also be incorporated increasing frequency range to 21 GHz.

APA Wireless Technologies,
Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) 563-8833,


Booth 1256 | RS 228

Microwave Office Design Suite

This latest version of Microwave Office design suite offers unprecedented openness and interoperability, enabling ease-of-use and access to best-in-class tools. The latest release continues to deliver key productivity improvements that shorten design cycle time and speed time-to-market for RF/microwave products.

Applied Wave Research Inc.,
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000,


Booth 623 | RS 229

2.5 to 2.7 GHz WiMAX Amplifier

Amplifier module CMS2010 is a new 2.5 to 2.7 GHz latest generation WiMAX amplifier. With 50 W of P1dB output and a gain of 45 dB it has been specifically designed to meet or exceed the WiMAX (802.16) specifications. The unit has outstanding performance offering better than two percent EVM for 64 QAM symbols at a 10 W output level. It comes with a built-in isolator on the RF output port and is FDD or TDD capable.

AR Modular RF,
Bothell, WA (425) 485-9000,


Booth 1200 | RS 230

10 to 20 GHz Solid-State Amplifier

The model 5S10G20 is the company’s first solid-state amplifier that covers the 10 to 20 GHz frequency range. Model 5S10G20, along with the rest of the “S” series amplifiers, is 100 percent VSWR tolerant and has superior linearity, making it ideal for wireless testing.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,


Booth 1200 | RS 231

Wave-X EMI Absorbers

ARC Technologies has launched several additions to its Wave-X line of absorbers for control EMI, RFI and SAR. A pioneer in ultra-thin absorber sheets, ARC has added miniaturized chip caps as well as rigid and flexible molded thermoplastic absorbers. The thin, new cable-integrated absorber is extruded over USB and other cables, beneath the insulation, providing significant levels of attenuation and eliminating the need for ferrites and other EMC countermeasures. ARC products are distributed worldwide.

ARC Technologies Inc.,
Amesbury, MA (978) 399-2993,


Booth 1207 | RS 232

Oscillator Design Insights

New, from one of the most highly regarded authors in the field and available for the first time at an MTT-S show, Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design, by Guillermo Gonzalez. This unique book provides practical oscillator design guidance through the complete frequency range, from low frequency audio to the more complex used in RF and microwave ranges. Packed with over 1200 equations, the book emphasizes CAD simulation techniques and covers tuned-circuit, crystal, negative-resistance and relaxation oscillators.

Artech House,
Norwood, MA (800) 225-9977,


Booth 1510 | RS 233

Cable Assembly

The microbend “is a cost effective, true flexible alternative to 0.047" custom semi-rigid cable assemblies, eliminating the need for predetermined custom lengths and bend configurations. Microbend features include a 40 percent lower loss than 0.047" semi-rigid cable, a minimum bend radius of 0.060", triple shielded construction for high isolation and a frequency range up to 65 GHz. The microbend product has been a design solution utilized in aerospace, military, commercial and hi-rel space applications. Microbend offers reliability and has met performance requirements following life tests of 1000 thermal cycles along with severe vibration and shock profiles in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Methods 107, 204 and 213.

Astrolab Inc.,
Warren, NJ (732) 560-3800,


Booth 1539 | RS 234

Pulsed IV/RF Instrument

The new AU4550 pulsed IV/RF instrument provides unequalled test accuracy, compact design, and inexpensive options and modular hardware that allow easy, inexpensive upgrading. Pulsed heads set closer to the device-under-test and narrow range pulse heads improve accuracy while a synthetic instrument core eliminates hardware redundancies, reducing the footprint by half, even when fully optioned. The AU4550’s interchangeable pulser heads and LXI-compliancy allow adaptability to scale pulsed IV to pulsed IV/RF while meeting changing industry standards.

Auriga Measurement Systems LLC,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-1117,


Booth 1642 | RS 235

WiMAX Terminations and Resistors

This line of power terminations and resistors are designed for WiMAX applications, specifically for 3.4 to 3.6 GHz. Terminations and resistors are available in a selection of configurations, from chip, to a leaded chip, to a flange mounted device, with power ratings from 20 to 200 W depending on design needs. Barry provides a full line of power and precision thick film resistors, terminations and attenuators on Alumina, BeO, BeO Free™ and Aluminum Nitride for microwave and RF applications. Barry also has an LTCC multilayer foundry, design and production facility for products to 65 GHz.

Barry Industries,
Attleboro, MA (508) 226-3350,


Booth 913 | RS 236

Next Generation Amplifiers

The BZ series of next generation amplifiers features wide bandwidth and low noise figures. Remarkably, the amplifiers fit into one standard housing (as shown). Within the 30 kHz to 70 GHz range, customized power, gain and noise figure combinations are available. With noise temperature of 10°K at cryogenic temperatures, excellent group delay, military specifications and high dynamic range, these RoHS compliant units may be optimized to achieve up to +30 dBm output power.

B&Z Technologies,
Stony Brook, NY (631) 331-0101,


Booth 1255 | RS 237

Silicon Integrated Circuits

These two NEC silicon integrated circuits (IC) are designed specifically for cable television set-top boxes. The UPC3220GR is a dual-path AGC amplifier designed to split incoming digital and analog signals. With a noise figure of just 6 dB (typical) it offers good sensitivity, enabling the receiver to provide the television with a robust digital signal. The UPC3228T5S is NEC’s newest out-of-band tuner. Housed in a 32-pin QFN package, the UPC3228T5S features 70 dB (typical) of gain control range, enabling it to handle a wide variety of out-of-band signals. Both devices are RoHS compliant and are in stock and available now from CEL.

California Eastern Laboratories,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 919-2500,


Booth 743 | RS 238

RF Measurement Software

WinCal calibration software has been expanded to include key features that will provide faster and more accurate wafer-level RF measurement. WinCal XE combines advanced calibration with RF accuracy enhancement features. Through powerful new measurement support tools and guidance systems that minimize operator mistakes, WinCal XE enables accurate and reliable RF measurements, a real problem with today’s complex semiconductor designs. Key new features of the XE version include: hybrid calibrations for multi-port measurements, local data manipulation for measurement validation and data analysis in the lab and device characterization tools. Price: starts at $4450. Delivery: three weeks.

Cascade Microtech Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (503) 601-1000,


Booth 1143 | RS 239

Low Frequency Amplifiers

These high performance cascadable low frequency amplifiers are designed for connectorized/drop-in applications and operate in a frequency range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The amplifiers offer standard and customized gain, output power of up to +30 dBm and noise figure as low as 1.5 dB values to meet special requirements. Models feature low power consumption and high ICP performance. Ciao offers cross-reference models to other major suppliers of similar connectorized low frequency amplifiers. Delivery: one to two weeks ARO.

Ciao Wireless Inc.,
Camarillo, CA (805) 389-3224,


Booth 601 | RS 240

Fast Settling Digital Attenuator

This millimeter-wave (MMW) fast settling digital attenuator represents a significant advancement in control device technology. Using fast pin diodes coupled with state-of-the-art digital processing technology, the digital attenuator achieves extremely fast switching times of less than 50 nanoseconds from serial command to RF settling in addition to extremely accurate attenuation settings over the full dynamic range (31.5 dB). Using a serial control interface, the unit is readily adaptable into a complex RF system that has many device interfaces and requires those devices to be controlled from a central processor.

Crane Aerospace and Electronics, Electronics Group,
Chandler, AZ (480) 961-6225,


Booth 1001 | RS 241

Low Noise Amplifiers

These low cost, GaAs PHEMT-based, low noise amplifiers (LNA) operate in a frequency range from 0.5 to 20 GHz, for electronic defense and commercial communication applications. The amplifiers are specifically designed to accommodate numerous and demanding requirements within the homeland security, military and commercial environments for tactical radios, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and radar systems. The company’s new LNA line-up consists of 30 narrowband and 30 wideband models.

CTT Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 541-0596,


Booth 1113 | RS 242

80x5 Switch Matrix

This 80x5 switch matrix operates in a frequency range from 1 to 18 GHz with 0 dB gain and 3 dB fullband flatness. It consists of five pairs of field-replaceable 8x5 non-blocking switch matrix LRUs combined into five outputs each with 100 nsec blanking with a 65 dB on/off ratio and up to 30 dB of gain control. Control is via RS-422, Ethernet or can be user defined.

Custom Microwave Components Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 651-3434,


Booth 1355 | RS 243

X-band Circulator

The model 4CMD 10-1X circulator is designed for the front-end of active phased-array antennas in X-band. This dual junction microstrip circulator has a 10 percent bandwidth in the 8.5 to 10.5 GHz frequency range. The insertion loss from the antenna to the receiver is 0.9 dB with isolation of 33 dB. Insertion loss between the transmitter and the antenna is 0.5 dB and has 20 dB isolation. The isolation between the transmitter and the receiver is also 20 dB with a maximum VSWR of 1.25 at all ports. These units can handle 10 W of power and operate over the temperature range of –45° to +65°C.

Dorado International Corp.,
Seattle, WA (206) 574-0900,


Booth 712 | RS 244

Five-channel Switch Filter Bank

The model SBLP-2-SP-SF/SF-X is a five-channel switch filter bank that provides four filtered channels and one through path for compliance testing. Four-pole Bessel-Thompson filters for OC-1, OC-3 (STM-1), OC-12 (STM-4) and OC-48 (STM-16) provide accurate pulse reproduction and optimized passband group delay characteristics. Unit comes standard with single input/output connectors, TTL control and LED indicators, in a 1.12 x 2.5 x 4.5 package.

Eagle Comtronics Inc.,
Liverpool, NY (315) 622-3402,


Booth 1731 | RS 245

SMT Frequency Synthesizers

The HFS series frequency synthesizers are available as fixed-frequency or in bandwidths to greater-than-octave at frequencies to 2.5 GHz, and up to 40 percent bandwidths to 5 GHz. Typical phase noise for HFS-2100 (1000 to 2100 MHz) is –100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, and –112 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. Ideally suited for use as local oscillators in up/down converters for microwave radios in wireless communications systems and as wideband frequency sources for test and measurement instrumentation, HFS series frequency synthesizers are designed to withstand stringent temperature, shock and vibration environments encountered by ground mobile vehicles.

EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV (775) 345-2411,


Booth 854 | RS 246

Frequency Domain THz Spectrometer

The PB7100 frequency domain THz spectrometer produces and detects CW radiation from 100 GHz to well over 2 THz, thus providing the equivalent of a THz scalar network analyzer. Its unique combination of high signal to noise, fine resolution, compact size, room-temperature operation and low cost make the PB7100 an ideal turn-key lab instrument for characterizing a wide range of biological, chemical and explosive substances.

Emcore Corp.,
Alhambra, CA (626) 293-3400,


Booth 1604 | RS 258

Interference Control Solutions

These RF/microwave interference control solutions are designed for opto-electronic applications in 2.5, 4, 10 and 40 Gbps systems. ECCO­SORB® brand absorber products are used to address EMI cross talk and emissions in transceiver and transponder modules, controlling harmonics and spurious signals in modulator-drivers and laser and detector diodes. The company offers a wide range of absorber products under the ECCOSORB brand for insertion loss and cavity resonance applications from 800 MHz to 100 GHz. Custom configurations are available to meet specific requirements.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc.,
Randolph, MA (800) 650-5740,


Booth 1511 | RS 247

RF Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assemblies

This new line of UMC ultra-miniature RF coaxial connectors provides a quality, snap-on, surface-mount connection with a maximum mated height of 2.0 to 2.5 mm and DC to 6 GHz electrical performance. All parts are RoHS compliant and mate with U.FL and UFL(V) series connectors. No matter what wireless application you are working in (LAN, MINI-PCI, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, PDA, Bluetooth or microwave radio), the UMC right angle cable plugs, SMT receptacle and between series cable assemblies will provide the package you can count on. All items are available as standard off-the-shelf product sold through a distributor network.

Emerson Network Power
Connectivity Solutions, Johnson® division,
Bannockburn, IL (800) 247-8256,


Booth 835 | RS 248

Millimeter-wave Receivers

These two custom-designed millimeter-wave receiver modules are designed for radiometer applications. Two down-converter models have been custom-designed to operate at K-band (20 to 40 GHz) and V-band (50 to 75 GHz). Gain calibration is accomplished using an internal K- or V-band noise source, a noise injection coupler and a precision temperature sensor. Using a +2.0 dBm Ku-band local oscillator (LO) input to each module, both units employ a sub-harmonic mixer topology to down-convert from the millimeter-wave input frequency to an IF output under 1 GHz, providing 30 dB of nominal gain to the input signal. The V-band module utilizes an additional diode-based frequency doubler on the LO input, allowing a common local oscillator to drive both modules. Overall, the receiver noise figure is under 4 dB for the K-band model and under 6 dB for the V-band receiver.

Endwave Corp.,
San Jose, CA (408) 522-3100,


Booth 1543 | RS 249

GaAs and GaN Products

These new GaAs and GaN products provide total RF solutions with complete line-ups for cellular BSTN, WiMAX, SATCOM, digital radio, VSAT, DBS, FWA and mobile terminals. GaAs products include low noise HEMTs, power FETs, and LNA and power MMICs. Primary features of GaN HEMTs include high impedance for easy matching, high breakdown voltage (300 V) and compatibility with DPD systems.

Eudyna Devices Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 232-9500,


Booth 1227 | RS 250

Digital Transistors

These two families of 200 mW digital transistors integrate an external resistor bias network into a small form factor package. Tailored for use in switching, inverter, interface and driver circuits, the FJY30xx (NPN) and FJY40xx (PNP) series eliminate the need for an external resistor. This integration reduces part count, which in turn helps designers save board space, lower design costs, simplify circuit designs and maximize system performance. Board space is further optimized by utilizing surface-mount technology (SMT). Size: 1.7 x 0.98 x 0.78 mm SOT523F package. Price: $0.37 (1000). Delivery: six to eight weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor,
South Portland, ME (972) 910-8000,


Booth 1343 | RS 259

Discrete Field Effect Transistor

The FPD6836 is a mid-size die, 360 mm gate periphery, in a low cost SOT343 package. This gate length (periphery) is roughly 1/2 the size of the FPD750 and twice the size of the FPD200. In applications where simplicity of design is important, the low cost FPD6836SOT343 will work well in a 50 Ω environment and can be used to replace expensive 50 Ω MMICs providing cost-effective gain and power output up to 6 GHz without matching. It is a low power consumption part and will operate at 3 V and 25 to 50 mA.

Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd.,
Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, UK +44 (0) 1325 301111,


Booth 1002 | RS 251

EDGE RF Subsystem

The RFX275-30 is an RF CMOS 90-nanometer transceiver subsystem that offers low transmit and receive current, high receiver sensitivity and compact size. It accelerates phone manufacturers’ integration time via simplified programming. Additionally, this subsystem delivers lower total cost of ownership by significantly shortening test time in manufacturing and bill of materials through integration. The highly integrated subsystem delivers: low power consumption for increased standby and talk times, –110 dBm sensitivity for improved call performance, reliable quality for clear reception, low noise and fewer dropped calls, and highly integrated components for ease of assembly.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc.,
Austin, TX (800) 521-6274,


Booth 1635 | RS 260

RF Subsystem

The new 3G RF subsystem, the RFX300-30, features a single integrated package that supports both multi-mode/multi-band UMTS and EDGE networks. With up to 13 bands supported, the RFX300-30 offers the broadest multi-band support in the smallest form-factor solution for handset manufacturers today. Proc­essed in 90-nanometer CMOS technology, this RF subsystem delivers tremendous benefits for handset manufacturers, including: four band GSM/EDGE support, nine band UMTS support, HSDPA support up to 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA support up to 5.76 Mbps.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc.,
Austin, TX (800) 521-6274,


Booth 1635 | RS 261

Coaxial Calibration Kits

These 3.5 mm and N type coaxial calibration standards provide highly accurate and repeatable calibration due to RF characterization technologies with competitive price. The precision open, short, load components can be used to calibrate commercial vector network analyzer (VNA) systems up to 9 GHz (model GCS35M-9G, 3.5 mm), 6 GHz (model GCSN-6G, N type) and 4 GHz (model GCSN-4G, N type), respectively.

GigaLane Co. Ltd.,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82-31-233-7325,


Booth 444 | RS 252

Air Core Coil Inductors

This new family of air core coil inductors is ideal for high frequency circuitry requiring high “Q” in microwave and radar applications. Utilizing typically 47 AWG gold wire, with or without standard or custom chip resistors/capacitors, an infinite variety of configurations is available. Application-specific configurations can also be designed. Shown here: LR/LC series (left, center) and GW series (right). Typical unit price is $2.70 in production quantities.

Gowanda Electronics,
Gowanda, NY (716) 532-2234,


Booth 514 | RS 253

I and Q Vector Modulator

The model M2L-21N-0BT is a narrowband calibrated for True Position PIN diode I and Q vector modulator. This device simultaneously controls the phase and amplitude of a signal with 360° and 20 dB of dynamic range. True Position calibration sets the phase and amplitude to within ±1° and ±0.25 dB accuracy from any single theoretical command. It is digitally-controlled via two sets (I and Q) of monotonic 12 bit TTL binary logic and switches in 500 nsec. The device control input slope is linear with output voltage.

G.T. Microwave Inc.,
Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700,


Booth 604 | RS 254

RMS Power Detector

The model HMC610LP4(E) is a 50 Hz to 3.5 GHz, 71 dB true RMS power detector. Ideally suited for the measurement of complex modulated waveforms with large crest factors, the HMC610­LP4(E) is Hittite’s first true RMS power detector. Delivering best-in-class dynamic range of 71 dB at 900 MHz and 62 dB at 3 GHz, the HMC610LP4(E) improves upon competitor products by > 5 dB while achieving only 1 dB error over temperature. The SiGe BiCMOS HMC610LP4(E) is packaged in a 4 x 4 mm QFN package and specified for operation over –40° to +85°C.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,


Booth 934 | RS 255

Foundry Service

The foundry service of the multi-layered LTCC substrates targets higher Q, dimensional precision and yield for RF and mm-wave applications. Fine pitch and high Q substrate with thin film metallization, WLAN FEM with the embedded low loss diplexer and RF components sintered by microwave are available. HIRAI ships samples in a week after the design freeze and provides RF design support to your substrate with embedded passive components and test service up to 67 GHz.

Tokyo, Japan +81-584892394,


Booth 1824 | RS 256

Programmable Microwave Source

The HS1001A USB programmable microwave source is a compact CW frequency source that operates in a frequency range from 9 kHz to 1 GHz. It has a variable output power range of –120 to +15 dBm and the typical phase noise measures –130 dBc/Hz (1 GHz, 10 kHz offset). Holzworth DDS sources utilize frequency multiplication techniques, eliminating phase-locked loops and free running oscillators, resulting in excellent frequency stability and extremely fast tuning.

Holzworth Instrumentation,
Boulder, CO (303) 704-8875,


Booth 439 | RS 257

EM Field Solver

The new Empire XCcel™ 5.1 3D EM field solver is now supporting full 32 bit and 64 bit calculations on Windows XP, Vista and Linux operating systems. A further speed improvement of up to 900 MCell/s has been obtained by smartly exploiting multi-core processor technology. New features include healing of imported 3D data, improved GUI speed for complex structures and even more efficient memory management.

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany +49 2842 981 0,


Booth 1154 | RS 263

Transimpedance Amplifier/Limiting Amplifier

The 1347TL 11.3 Gbps transimpedance amplifier (TIA)/limiting amplifier (LIA) provides high stressed receiver sensitivity, low cross talk, high gain and low power for 1310-nm/1550-nm 10G-Ethernet and 10G-SONET optical communications. For 10G-Ethernet applications, stressed receiver sensitivity is an important consideration as it assures “plug and play” and full compliance with IEEE 802.3ae standards over all operating conditions. The measured stressed receiver sensitivity of the 1347TL is better than –15 dBm (OMA) for 10GBASE-ER stress conditions exceeding the requirement by nearly 4 dB. This margin directly contributes to higher manufacturing yield and lower cost for manufacturers of receivers.

Inphi Corp.,
Westlake Village, CA (805) 446-5100,


Booth 438 | RS 264

Rack Integrated System

The model RS1802-300 is a complete rack integrated system for various EMC and EW applications. It includes the company’s 300 W amplifier for 200 MHz to 1 GHz as well as its 300 W amplifiers for 1 to 18 GHz (1 to 2.5 GHz, 2.5 to 7.5 GHz, 7.5 to 18 GHz). It is a versatile state-of-the-art design that can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements for frequency range and RF output power levels. These systems can include any combination of pulse, CW or gridded amplifiers in compact solutions.

Instruments For Industry (IFI),
Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 467-8400,


Booth 403 | RS 265


The model IMA2404 is a surface-mount thick film 0805 attenuator especially suited to RF/microwave applications and communications-oriented circuitry. This thick film attenuator is operational to 15 GHz in a properly matched continuous 50 W system. It is available from 1 to 70 dB in 1 dB increments with a tolerance as low as ±0.2 dB. Input power handling is 400 mW (using proper thermal management techniques).

International Manufacturing Services Inc.,
Portsmouth, RI (401) 683-9700,


Booth 504 | RS 266

Frequency Synthesizer

This line of DDS-based WaveCor™ synthesizers uses proprietary digital techniques to produce an unmatched combination of ultra-fast switching speed, low phase noise and high spurious free dynamic range. Frequency range options are 300 MHz to 2.5 GHz and 300 MHz to 18 GHz as well as dual output versions in these bands. Switching speed on all four models has been reduced to 200 ns when switching to any point in the operating band. This, coupled with typical phase noise at 10 GHz of –125 dBc/Hz at a 10 kHz offset and 1 Hz tuning resolution, represents the industry’s best combination of performance and value.

ITT Microwave Systems,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-0200,


Booth 1137 | RS 267

Thin Film Networks

These CPW to microstrip thin film networks (TFN) are designed to adapt the benefits of coplanar waveguide wafer probe test methods to the measurement of difficult to test microstrip circuits. These TFNs enhance productivity and precision in product development for semiconductors, interconnect networks and packages by allowing the use of CPW probes to be used for previously difficult to test circuits. Calibration structure substrates are available for all TFN adapter substrate configurations. Products available include 5, 10 and 15 mil thick versions.

J microTechnology Inc.,
Portland, OR (503) 614-9509,


Booth 544 | RS 268

130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology

The 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS technology is designed for high speed wireless and optical communications applications. This process combines industry standard 130 nm CMOS with 200 GHz HBT NPN transistors for high performance RF and millimeter-wave integrated circuits. The technology offering includes advanced analog components (inductors, capacitors, resistors) with high density digital circuitry to provide scaling of both the analog and digital blocks in a Systems-on-Chip (SoC) approach. The process is available for prototyping through a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Program offering 5x5 mm2 tiles.

Jazz Semiconductor,
Newport Beach, CA (949) 435-8181,


Booth 1706 | RS 269

Ka-band Block Converters

Models KABUC and KABDC are Ka-band phase-locked block up and down converters that provide an unparalleled com­bination of performance and size. These block converters translate L-band signals (1 to 2 GHz) to Ka-band (30 to 31 GHz) and from 20.2 to 21.2 GHz back to L-band. Some of the key features include phase locked to an external 5 MHz/10 MHz or 50 MHz reference, low output phase noise (MIL-STD-188-164A compliant), low output spurious and LO leakage, +15 dBm output power, low noise figure and operating from the single +12 V at 1.2 A maximum for KABUC and 700 mA for KABDC. Weight: < 1 lb.

Jersey Microwave,
Hackettstown, NJ (908) 684-2390,


Booth 409 | RS 270

Mini-type Connectors

The MC-CARD series of mini-type connectors have an equivalent size to MMCX and offer self-latching coupling, maximum operating frequency of 6 GHz, high reliability and long life. The connectors are widely used in multiple mating occasions, such as wireless network cards, GPS, WLAN, PC MCIA, ISA cards, cable assemblies, telecom, RF testing systems, outside antennas and Bluetooth.

Junper Interconnection Co. Ltd.,
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China +86-574-87901911,


Booth 417 | RS 271

Low Profile Switched Filter Bank

The model 5SFB-3500/X5500-SMP is a high speed TTL controlled five-channel switched filter bank that covers 3500 to 5500 MHz with channels centered at 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000 and 5500 MHz. Recent enhancements to K&L’s switched filter banks make them among the fastest and most reliable on the market today. Switching speeds less than 20 ns improve overall system performance. Additionally, low profile packaging makes these new banks ideal for compact, lightweight applications. Banks are designed using K&L’s breadth of experience in filter topologies, assuring high out-of-band attenuation and channel-to-channel isolation.

K&L Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,


Booth 1100 | RS 363

Four-way Power Divider/Combiner

The model 7005265 is a four-way power divider that operates in a frequency range from 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. This model offers input VSWR of 1.8 (maximum), output VSWR of 1.7 (maximum), insertion loss of 4 dB (maximum) and isolation of 16 dB (minimum). This power divider/combiner has amplitude tracking of 1.2 dB, phase tracking of 15°, 3.5 mm female standard connectors and operating temperature of –54° to +85°C. Delivery: stock to 30 days. Unit may be manufactured to meet military specifications.

Sunnyvale, CA (408) 734-5999,


Booth 545 | RS 272

Wirebond Assembly Services

Kyocera America Inc. now offers RF/MW wirebond assembly services in its Assembly Technology Division in the San Diego, CA facility. This allows customers to drop ship RF/MW pack­ages to Kyocera, and then have fully assembled parts shipped directly to them. Kyocera America Inc. is ISO 9001/14001 and ITAR Register, DSCC Certified.

Kyocera America Inc.,
San Diego, CA (800) 468-2957,


Booth 614 | RS 273

10/15 kW Programmable Power

The newest member of the Genesys™ product family AC/DC power supplies provides high power density, low ripple and a complete set of user-friendly interfaces. Following the hugely popular 750 W, 1U Half Rack, 750 W or 1500 W, 1U Full Rack and 2U 3.3 kW, it continues the advanced, high density series of rack-mount, programmable power supplies. Outputs available range up to 600 V and 1,000 A. Genesys power supplies contain extensive standard features that provide a new level of performance and flexibility in ATE, industrial and communications applications.

Lambda Americas,
Neptune, NJ (732) 922-9300,


Booth 1352 | RS 274

20 GHz Fiber Optic Links

Linear Photonics introduces XiMod 20 GHz fiber optic links. XiMod transmitters feature a small form factor modulator and ultra low noise narrow laser source to provide high dynamic range in a small package. XiMod receivers feature an InGaAs high responsivity PIN photoreceiver for low noise and high linearity in a 2" x 3" housing. XiMod links define the state of the art in performance, size and value for applications including antenna remoting, point-to-point microwave over fiber and specialized communications.

Linear Photonics LLC,
Hamilton, NJ (609) 584-5747,


Booth 429 | RS 275

Antenna Engineering Handbook, 4th Edition

Led by John Volakis, renowned antenna expert, more than 50 of the leading names in the field have completely updated this classic to ensure it remains the most authoritative antenna sourcebook available anywhere. Readers will find all the expertise they need to solve any engineering problem that may arise in the design and application of the very latest types of antenna. 1872 pages, 1500 illustrations. Price: $175, hardcover.

New York, NY (800) 262-4729,


Booth 532 | RS 276

Diplexers and Triplexers

This series of RoHS compliant diplexer and triplexer modules is designed for Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) applications including TelcoTV, IPTV, Set-Top-Boxes, Bridge, Gateway devices and wireless interfaces. The frequency range complies with major chipset standards covering 5 to 1525 MHz. A typical triplexer spec consists of 5 to 42 MHz low passband, 54 to 864 MHz middle passband and 975 to 1350 MHz high passband in a 39 x 22.3 x 15.6 mm case size.

MCV Technologies Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 552-2008,


Booth 1636 | RS 277

Power Dividers/Combiners

These compact, high performance Wilkinson power dividers/combiners are ideally suited for C-, X- and Ku-band systems applications. Two- and four-way SMA-Female models feature high isolation, low insertion loss, exceptional VSWR and excellent phase/amplitude balance. The dividers/combiners are available in octave bands and also broadband designs including 2 to 18 GHz. Delivery: from stock to four weeks ARO. Made in the USA.

MECA Electronics,
Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661,


Booth 1009 | RS 278

Drop-in Isolators and Circulators

These low cost, lightweight drop-in isolators and circulators are designed to accommodate numerous and demanding requirements within the homeland security, military and commercial environments for tactical radios, SATCOM equipment and radar systems. The DCF series drop-in isolators and circulators operate within frequencies from 450 MHz to 14.5 GHz, offer low intermodulation distortion and surface-mount configuration packages. Over 25 different models are available for a wide range of applications. Package sizing includes 1" x 1" x 0.30" in height, to as small as 0.35" x 0.475" x 0.15" in height.

MICA Corp.,
Manteca, CA (209) 825-3977,


Booth 1106 | RS 279

EM Software Tool

Version 6.5 of the EM-software tool μWave Wizard™ offers a more clearly arranged easier to use GUI. The calculation of losses arising from finite wall conductivity is now available for most mode-matching and 2D FEM structures. Adaptive frequency selection in combination with a rational function interpolation technique yields a significant reduction of simulation times. A series of new, flexible elements including various types of dielectric resonators and full 3D visualization of electromagnetic fields is introduced.

Mician GmbH,
Bremen, Germany +49 (421) 16899351,


Booth 450 | RS 280

7–16 mm and N-type Tappers

These tappers are designed for in-building distributed antenna system applications in both N and 7–16 mm DIN connectors. The tappers are 40 percent lighter than the series they replace yet retain the established reliability and have an expanded bandwidth of 380 to 2700 MHz. The DK-x8 series unequal power splitters unevenly splits high power cellular signals in output split ratios from 30:1 (15 dB) down to 4:1 (6 dB) with minimal reflections or loss over the whole 380 to 2,700 MHz band. The design ensures a good input VSWR and flatness across the band for both main and branch lines.

Parsippany, NJ (973) 386-9696,


Booth 1117 | RS 281

High Power PIN Diodes

These non-magnetic metal electrode leadless faced (MELF) packaged PIN diodes feature high power handling and low distortion. The MELF PIN diodes are designed for switching and attenuator applications from HF through UHF frequencies. The product family has a resistance specification at 100 MHz from 0.3 ohms to 1.0 ohms at 100 mA, capacitance specifications at 1 MHz of 0.5 pF to 2.0 pF at 100 V, and lifetime specifications from 1.0 msec to 8.00 msec. As a result, this family of PIN devices has lifetime specifications that will allow for lower intermod distortion and have a higher average incident power handling capability.

Aeroflex MicroMetrics,
Londonderry, NH (603) 641-3800,


Booth 500 | RS 282

X-band Latching DP2T Switch

This latching DP2T switch utilizes reciprocal Faraday rotators to achieve nonreciprocal action, handling 75 kW peak power and 400 W average power in an X-band configuration. Over a 10 percent frequency bandwidth and 120°C operating temperature the maximum insertion loss is 0.85 dB, and the 35 microseconds switching time and 4 kHz switching rate eliminate concerns over timing. Minimum isolation is 25 dB.

Microwave Applications Group (MAG),
Santa Maria, CA (805) 928-5711,


Booth 1236 | RS 283

Fast CAD and Optimization Tool

84WASP-NET’s unique hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD CAD engine combines the high speed and flexibility advantages of four solvers in one single tool, meeting with it the quest of advanced microwave engineers for a new quality in EM CAD and optimization efficiency. The new WASP-NET release, featuring multiprocessor and advanced 64-bit options, offers efficient CAD capabilities also for large sized structures, e.g. slot arrays, reflectors, with typical optimization times of a few minutes on a PC. WASP-NET application examples include: fast optimization of all types of waveguide components and aperture antennas/arrays; full-wave synthesis of waveguide and combline filters; cross-coupled and LTCC filters; dielectric resonator filters; dielectric loaded horns with shaped subreflectors; squarax and stripline elements.

Microwave Innovation Group (MiG) GmbH & Co. KG,
Bremen, Germany +49 421 22 37 96 60,


Booth 1048 | RS 284

GaAs PHEMT Active Doubler

The 18 to 21 and 36 to 42 GHz GaAs PHEMT active doubler is offered in a 7x7 mm surface-mount QFN package that is RoHS compliant. Identified as the XX1001-QK, this device delivers +25 dBm output power, has excellent fundamental rejection of 50 dBc and offers the added feature of gain control. The device combines an active doubler with an input buffer amplifier and a four-stage power amplifier and provides an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including microwave, point-to-point radio, VSAT, E-band radio, automotive and satellite communications.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX (281) 988-4600,


Booth 823 | RS 285

PCB Prototyping Machine

The FP-21T Precision is a PCB prototyping machine that enables a user to mill 50 mm lines and spaces. Software for DXF data correction: This is easy-to-handle DXF-output-data correction software that enables a user to correct the incompletely closed loops such as in the microwave circuits designed by a CAD system. This milling machine performs precise milling, drilling and routing. Within a day in a user’s laboratory, one can make single-sided and double-sided boards, or RF boards such as for antennas.

MITS Electronics Co. Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan +81-423-88-1051,


Booth 1711 | RS 287

System Component Library

Modelithics has introduced a new class of models to The Modelithics Library™ of high accuracy RF and microwave simulation models. The System Component Library (or SCL Li­brary™), to be introduced in Q2 2007, will include a collection of accurate linear and nonlinear models for functional system blocks including filters, switches, attenuators, transformers, amplifiers and mixers. The SCL Library joins the company’s other high accuracy component libraries including the CLR Library,™ the NLD Library™ and the NLT Library.™ The introductory version of this library will include system block component models from several vendors, such as Barry Industries, Murata, Toko, Skyworks, Mini-Circuits, Maxim, Celeritek, Sirenza and Watkins-Johnson.

Modelithics Inc.,
Tampa, FL (813) 866-6335,


Booth 657 | RS 288

Microwave Passive Components

The company specializes in R&D and the manufacture of microwave passive components. Its extensive product line includes RF coaxial connectors, RF cable assemblies, terminators, attenuators, arrestors, power dividers and isolators. The company offers an unparalleled reputation from well-recognized overseas enterprises in Europe and North America. It holds ISO9001:2001 and ISO14001:2004 and many certificates and patents.

MPDevice Co. Ltd.,
Namdong-gu, Incheon-city, Korea +82-32-822-3290,


Booth 1350 | RS 289

ANC Chip Antenna

This line of ultra-small ceramic platform antennas is designed for use in portable devices operating in applications from 1.57 to 2.45 GHz. Platform antennas can reduce design cycle times, inventory management costs and material cost by allowing for a single antenna part number to be used across several different end products. The ANCV1 and ANCG1 series chip antennas are available for on and off ground applications.

Murata Electronics,
Smyrna, GA (770) 436-1300,


Booth 1201 | RS 290

PXI RF Switches

These 11 new RF switches have doubled the company’s PXI RF switch offering for 50 and 75 ohm RF applications. The modules include 4x1, terminated 4x1, dual 4x1 and 8x1 multiplexers as well as quad (4) SPDT and dual-terminated SPDT general-purpose configurations. With these new products, engineers have more choices to optimize their RF switch networks around price performance and improved signal integrity. The six 2.5 GHz 75 ohm modules are the company’s first switches for high frequency video applications. The five 2.7 GHz 50 ohm modules add to the company’s current RF switch offering of 10 modules for routing signals between DC and 26.5 GHz and are ideal for expanding the channel count of RF generators, such as the NI PXI-5671 2.7 GHz vector signal generator, or RF analyzers such as the NI PXI-5661 2.7 GHz vector signal analyzer.

National Instruments,
Austin, TX (800) 258-7022,


Booth 1617 | RS 291

Low Noise OCXOs

These high frequency (80 to 135 MHz) low noise oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) improve system performance. The 9325D series of OCXOs is designed for applications requiring a low noise high frequency reference source. The 9325D exhibits tight stability of ±50 ppb over an operating temperature range of –20° to 70°C, while achieving a low phase noise of –160 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

Belvidere, IL (815) 544-7900,


Booth 1728 | RS 292

Power Combiners

These Radial power combiners range from as few as four ports to as many as 90, operating in bands from 20 MHz through 45 GHz, and up to 50 kW average power. Higher power levels and larger number of inputs are available. Typical combining losses vary from 0.1 dB at low UHF to 0.5 dB at Ka-band, independent of the number of inputs. Series 700 combiners allow hot replacement, and are tolerant of amplifier phase and amplitude mismatches. Applications include: HDTV transmitters, air traffic control, wireless cable, communications, radar and antenna arrays.

Horsham, PA (215) 674-5100,


Booth 1836 | RS 364


This glass hermetically sealed N-connector is designed to meet special requirements in ultra high vacuum microwave. Applications include: beam position monitors for particle accelerators and ultra high vacuum waveguide components. VSWR of the N-connector shows characteristics that include: less than 1.2 for frequency = DC to 8 GHz and less than 1.4 for frequency = 8 to 18 GHz as standard. The basic design can be modified easily for wide range environments. Custom requirements are available upon request.

Orient Microwave Corp.,
Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan +81-749-45-8121,


Booth 1702 | RS 293

RF Coaxial Cables

YouForm™ high quality, low cost jacketed hand formable cables feature stainless steel SMA plugs on each end are now available in straight and right angle configurations. 100 percent VSWR tested 1.35 at 18 GHz for SMA straight connectors and 1.35 at 12.4 GHz for SMA right angle. YouForm cables are available in two diameters: 0.085 (0.102 (OD) and 0.141 (0.161 (OD). Lengths from 2" to 18" in stock for $9.95 each for straight SMAs; $13.95 for straight to right angle SMAs and $14.95 for SMA right angle to right angle. Applications include RF and microwave rack-mounted systems, radar, base stations, module-to-module links, communications systems and military COTS.

P1dB Inc.,
San Jose, CA (877) 367-7369,


Booth 643 | RS 294

Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator

This oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) addresses the most critical applications where ultra low noise is required and aims to provide the lowest possible phase noise within a compact package. It features a relatively wide tuning range and a temperature compensation circuit. The OCXO has been developed to address the most critical applications where ultra-low noise is required; for example, as a reference for phase noise measurement or as the master oscillator in radar systems or low noise frequency multipliers/synthesizers. Pascall is now well into the development of a vibration isolated variant.

Pascall Electronics Ltd.,
Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK +44 (0) 1983 817300,


Booth 542 | RS 362

RF Power Transistor

The model PDW4020 is a 28 V, single-ended, wideband LDMOS RF power transistor, capable of generating 150 W P1dB of RF power from 500 to 1500 MHz with over 10 dB of gain at 1500 MHz. This device provides a solution for wideband applications and provides a solution of narrowbands falling between 500 and 1500 MHz.

Peak Devices,
San Jose, CA (720) 406-1221,


Booth 643 | RS 295

Microwave Counters

The CNT-90XL counters are CW microwave frequency counter/analyzers with an integrated power meter that measure frequency and power to 60 GHz (model dependant). These counters have burst measurement capabilities and offer high resolution and measurement speed that include up to 250,000 frequency samples/sec. The graphic display shows frequency changes over time, directly on-screen, providing measurement and analysis of: FM/AM modulation; power and frequency changes; VCO settling and post-tuning drift. Built-in statistical processing presents an on-screen display of frequency and power distribution; frequency stability; power stability; and modulation; in either numeric, trend-line or histogram formats. CNT-90XL comes in four models, measuring frequencies to 27, 40, 46 and 60 GHz.

Pendulum Instruments Inc.,
Oakland, CA (510) 428-9488,


Booth 1610 | RS 296

Wideband VCOs

Models VTO-4500-67T, VTO-7500-40M, VTO-10500-29M and VTO-13500-22M are wideband voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) modules that provide frequency coverage from 3 to 6 GHz, 6 to 9 GHz, 9 to 12 GHz and 12 to 15 GHz respectively, and feature an integrated buffer amplifier for increased output power and load isolation. These VCO modules offer phase noise performance as low as –95 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz. Output power of standard products is typically 10 dBm. These modules are available in an industry standard TO-8 package or a coaxial output package.

Phase Matrix Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 428-1000,


Booth 954 | RS 297

Low Phase Noise Comb Generator

The model 7124 is the latest model in the company’s line of ultra-low phase noise (LPN) comb generators. This model has high harmonic output power at high frequencies (~0 dBm at 50 GHz with 27 dBm, 2 GHz input). The model 7124 is designed with non-linear-transmission-line (NLTL) technology so it maintains the same low phase noise characteristics of the company’s other LPN models. These models are superior to SRDs not only for their ultra-low phase noise, but an SRD’s frequency content rolls off significantly at frequencies > 20 GHz.

Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc.,
Boulder, CO (303) 443-1249,


Booth 811 | RS 298

Custom Military-grade Filters

These custom filters and multiplexers are designed for military and high reliability applications. The model QRB­1030M­2P­4-S­FS is one of a family of IFF filters designed for military platforms. This filter has more than 60 dBc rejection in a surface-mount package size of approximately 1.1" x 0.6" x 0.2", and delivered in production quantities. The company will tailor any filter design to specific needs and deliver it quickly and on time.

Q Microwave Inc.,
El Cajon, CA (619) 258-7322,


Booth 1357 | RS 311

W-band Interferometer

The W-band interferometer features high sensitivity and phase resolution. It operates at a specified frequency in the range of 75 to 110 GHz for the applications of accurate real-time measurement of amplitude and phase characteristics of a medium such as plasma or other dynamically changing dielectric material (confined in a chamber or vessel) under testing. The measurement subsystem works on the principle of coherent signal processing using a phase bridge. The subsystem includes provisions to calibrate the subsystem and/or adjust the transmitter signal for a specific chamber or plasma vessel.

QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA (310) 320-1111,


Booth 1700 | RS 312

Electromagnetic Design Software

As electromagnetic simulations are becoming a “must” for microwave engineers across various segments of industry, simulation speed is viewed as an issue of major significance. To meet the highest expectations in this regard, QWED is bringing to market a variety of solutions that include: a hardware accelerated version of the QW-3D package, based on Acceleware technology, new multi-thread implementations of QW-3D and QW-V2D in OpenMP programming standard, parallel versions of QW-3D for SM, DM and mixed architectures. Speed up reaches 14 for the hardware accelerated solution and scales nearly linearly with the number of processors in parallel versions. For the first time, parallel efficiency of over 100 percent has been reached.

Warsaw, Poland +48 601 38 64 84,


Booth 1452 | RS 313

High Performance Alloys

These high performance air-cooled Fabfin and dual baseplate aluminum and/or copper alloys are manufactured utilizing the company’s patented swaging process that eliminates fin to baseplate thermal resistance. Aquasink and Hypercool range of liquid cooled products provide a rugged, flexible solution to cooling compact arrays of high power semiconductors. Using R-Tools, an interactive on-line heatsink simulator, the design engineer is able to design custom heatsinks. R-Theta’s extensive experience in thermal management can be fully utilized to optimize the design of its heatsink in a company’s applications.

R-Theta Thermal Solutions Inc.,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (905) 795-0077,


Booth 448 | RS 314

Notch Filter

Reactel’s 6R7-1575.42-X15N11 is a highly selective notch filter. This unit is centered at the GPS frequency of 1575.42 MHz and has a nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 15 MHz. The notch depth is greater than 75 dB at CF ±1 MHz, and exhibits insertion loss measuring less than 1.25 dB. The company has the ability to custom design notch filters to the strictest requirements.

Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,


Booth 749 | RS 315

PC Board Mount Relay

The PC board mount relay is available in a 2P2T transfer configuration. This “PC pin out” device provides greater layout and packaging density measuring 1.30" Sq. x 1.25" high. The relay provides exceptional RF performance and power handling to 8 GHz and is silver-plated for improved grounding and passive IM. Typical applications include ‘hot standby,’ ‘input/output swapping’ and using multiples to form switch matrices. It is available in ‘failsafe’ or ‘latching’ with optional configured ‘circuit insertion’ whereby one internal bridging contact is removed to provide a non-shorting circuit path. Available in 12 and 28 VDC.

RelComm Technologies Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-4488,


Booth 710 | RS 365

Coaxial Circulator

This coaxial circulator operates in a frequency range from 225 to 400 MHz and is designed for military communications applications. The lumped element circulator utilizes a patent pending design, which preserves the symmetry between ports while maintaining a broad performance. The unit is lightweight, made with an aluminum housing designed to provide an efficient heat dissipation path. Typical electrical performances from –40° to +85°C are 16 dB isolation, 1 dB IL, 1.40 VSWR, radiation leakage below –100 dBc and 2nd harmonic level less than –60 dBc. Size: 2.05" x 2.58" x 1.14". An isolator is also available with power handling up to 60 W CW.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA (978) 772-7774,


Booth 612 | RS 316

GaAs PHEMT Low Noise Amplifiers

Ideal for the wireless infrastructure and WiMAX markets, this new family of GaAs PHEMT low noise amplifiers (LNA) offers broadband performance (700 to 3800 MHz). Provided in a variety of configurations (single-stage, dual-stage and dual channel), the RF386X series of LNAs provides high gain, low noise and excellent IP3 performance. These self-biased amplifiers operate with a single supply voltage, which range from 3 to 6 V. With impedances near 50 ohms, designers will need to implement minimal external matching to take full advantage of the extended frequency range of these versatile amplifiers. Assembled in a reliable and low cost QFN package, RFMD provides both superior performance and competitive prices.

Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233,


Booth 801 | RS 317

LCP QFN Packaging

RJR Polymers Inc. offers a comprehensive line of air cavity plastic quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages. These easily customizable liquid crystal polymer (LCP) packages have a low tooling cost and support epoxy die attach. The multi-up leadframe format provides high density assembly and the flat lid sealing surface improves assembly yields. These high performance packages are capable of handling power levels of > 10 W and frequencies into the millimeter-wave band.

RJR Polymers Inc.,
Oakland, CA (510) 638-5901,


Booth 853 | RS 318

High Frequency Laminate Solutions

Rogers Corp., a global technology leader in the development of high performance printed circuit materials for use in high frequency circuit applications, features its renown RO4000,® RO3000,® RT/duroid,® RO2800® and ULTRALAM® series high frequency laminate materials along with new product extensions. Rogers’ laminates serve a wide range of markets including communications infrastructure, advanced packaging, antenna, aerospace and defense, and digital applications.

Rogers Corp.,
Advanced Circuit Materials Division,
Chandler, AZ (480) 961-1382,


Booth 843 | RS 319

Modular Test System

The new Cassini modular test system provides for the ultimate in tester re-reconfigurability by implementing a Resource-Per-Module design that allows the end user to configure the test system to specific application requirements. Whether for one site or multiple sites, the tester resources can be quickly aligned to meet the test requirements of the devices.

Roos Instruments Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 748-8589,


Booth 914 | RS 320

High Frequency Ceramic Filters/Duplexers

These monoblock filters are designed to support WiMAX applications. These filters cover frequencies from 2.3 to 6 GHz with a wide variety of center frequencies and bandwidths. Monoblock filters provide improved electrical performance compared to LTCC alternatives and better reliability and size than coupled resonator designs. The low insertion loss and high rejection make these filters an ideal solution for advanced modulation schemes used in both WiMAX and proprietary mesh networks. Custom designs are also available. An example of one of the many part numbers available is: MBP­33­R­3550­S100A, which is 3550 MHz with 100 MHz bandwidth.

Sangshin Elecom,
Hershey, PA (877) 367-7369,


Booth 643 | RS 321

High Performance
SMA Connector

This high performance SMA connector is designed to address the problem of signal transmission and fragility of solder joints in hand-formable cable assemblies. The eSMA™ connector features a new extended ferrule and enhanced performance from an innovative internal design. This connector also features: failure-proof coupling nuts; EZ style, solder free, captivated center contacts; and a solder damming positive cable stop. Cable assemblies are delivered with these eSMAs professionally installed on Times Microwave Systems TFlex™ cable. These connectors provide a typical VSWR of 1.14 at 14 GHz and can be bent firmly and simply even up close to the connector, where many solder joints in hand-formable assemblies often break.

Santron Inc.,
Ipswich, MA (978) 356-1585,


Booth 1737 | RS 322

Temp/Humidity Chambers

The Sigma Humidity Solution line of temp/humidity chambers utilizes Sigma’s patent pending “Humidity Generator” system. These chambers allow for humidity testing with minimal condensation or DUT contamination. The Humidity Generator humidifies air from the chamber with treated water and returns the precisely controlled humidified air, at temperature, to the chamber. This completely avoids the excessive temperature fluctuations and condensation (up to 40 percent of the water vapor) caused by the more typically used super heated steam injection and water spray systems from other manufacturers.

Sigma Systems,
El Cajon, CA (619) 258-3700,


Booth 829 | RS 324

In-line Error Correction

AdapTrak is the new addition to the e-trak family of in-line error correction test and measurement products. AdapTrak is an ideal solution for test applications. It attaches directly to the UUT I/O ports and allows errors, due to cable and system drift, to be corrected from the test rack all the way to the UUT interface.

SenarioTek LLC,
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 544-2770,


Booth 1213 | RS 323

High Linearity Amplifiers

The SZM series of high linearity amplifiers provide high power and linearity for WiMAX CPE solutions (part numbers: SZM-2166Z/SZM-3166Z). Higher output power means higher data throughput and longer range. The company delivers high power for WiMAX CPE solutions with up to +27 dBm of linear power at 2.5 percent EVM. The SZM series cover the 2.3 to 2.7 GHz and 3.3 to 3.8 GHz bands in a pin for pin compatible footprint to simplify board layout.

Sirenza Microdevices,
Broomfield, CO (303) 327-3030,


Booth 637 | RS 325

SPDT 7 W Switch

The model SKY13299-321LF is a GaAs single-pole double-throw (SPDT) 7 W switch that operates in a frequency range from 100 MHz to 4 GHz. The SKY13299-321LF is a PHEMT GaAs FET IC high power switch packaged in a 12-lead exposed pad plastic package for low cost commercial applications. This switch is an ideal choice for WiMAX and WLAN applications where low loss, high isolation and excellent linearity are key requirements. Skyworks offers lead (Pb)-free, RoHS compliant packaging. This model offers positive voltage control (0/3 to 0/5 V), low insertion loss of 0.5 dB typical at 3.5 GHz and high isolation of > 35 dB at 3.5 GHz.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,


Booth 643 | RS 326

High Frequency EM Simulation Software

The newly released Sonnet® Suites Release 11 offers perfectly calibrated internal ports that can be used for highly accurate attachment points for active or passive components. These Co-calibrated™ Ports enable full co-simulation within the EM analysis environment. Release 11 also includes a totally redesigned Agilent ADS Interface with a new GUI interface and a new 64-bit EM analysis engine.

Sonnet Software,
North Syracuse, NY (315) 453-3096,


Booth 1131 | RS 327

Micro-miniature Threaded Connectors

The micro-miniature threaded connectors (MMTC) are small screw lock RF connectors. Mounting footprints are identical with the MMCX connector to allow for ease in upgrading to the more reliable threaded connection. The MMTC family of products is a 6 GHz, 50 W interconnect system with a full range of connectors available including edge card, surface-mount and cable connectors. Patent applied for.

Sources East,
Campbell, CA (408) 374-1031,


Booth 1505 | RS 328

Coplanar Attenuators

These wire bondable or solderable “0303” (0.030" x 0.030" x 0.010") coplaner balanced T attenuators are available on alumina or aluminum nitride (high power) substrates. Constructed using a high stability thin film resistor element, these devices are available with attenuation values from 1 to 20 dB and are suitable for high frequency applications up to 20 GHz. Attenuation tolerance is less than ±0.5 dB to 12 GHz and ±1 dB to 20 GHz. VSWR is less than 1.4 up to 20 GHz. Performance data is available on chip and mounted on Rogers 4350 boards. Price: < $1.90. Delivery: stock to 10 weeks ARO.

State of the Art Inc.,
State College, PA (800) 458-3401,


Booth 1601 | RS 329

Thermal Management Solutions

These two new processes include: direct bond copper (DBC) and plate-up copper (PUC) on aluminum nitride ceramics. Custom copper-on-ceramic solutions can improve thermal and electrical performance in RF, microwave and photonic applications. Thermal Management can now be addressed using the company’s ‘patent-pending’ processes. Processes are also available on BeO and alumina.

Stellar Industries Corp.,
Millbury, MA (877) 840-1884,


Booth 1251 | RS 330

Expanded Flexible Cable Line

The extra-durable Storm Flex™ miniature cable line has been expanded to include a larger, 0.160" diameter cable. Storm Flex 141 assemblies feature connector retentions of 40 lbs straight-pull and 15 lbs right-angle-pull, shielding effectiveness greater than 100 dB through 18 GHz, cable attenuation of 0.61 dB/ft at 18 GHz, and minimal VSWR/insertion loss shift during handling and installation. Available off-the-shelf in popular lengths terminated with 18 GHz SMA male connectors or custom configured to meet unique requirements.

Storm Products–Microwave,
Woodridge, IL (630) 754-3300,


Booth 1011 | RS 331

Semiconductor Packages

This Power Package series of semiconductor packages is designed for use in high power applications. The new line of packages is designed to maximize the electrical properties of silicon, gallium arsenide, silicon carbide, gallium nitride and other power semiconductor integrated circuits. Thermally conductive beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic, used in the construction of StratEdge’s power packages, provides the packages with excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

StratEdge Corp.,
San Diego, CA (858) 569-5000,


Booth 543 | RS 332

Test and Data Management Software

Spartan S-parameter Test and Data Management software is a hardware independent solution for the test and analysis of RF and microwave components. Spartan increases test efficiency and data quality while also reducing test costs. Spartan’s data mining tools create opportunity to improve: product quality, manufacturing processes and financial performance. Spartan provides the first and best opportunity to realize a powerful, comprehensive automated test and data management system at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining your own solution.

Summitek Instruments,
Englewood, CO (303) 768-8080,


Booth 927 | RS 333

In-building Coverage Combining Solutions

This complete portfolio of in-building combining products is designed for all public or private communication systems including GSM, CDMA, DCS, WCDMA, FM radio and Tetra. Products range from standard two-, three- and four-way combiners for average in-building systems to highly integrated POI combiners customized to specific requirements such as for subways, tunnels, sports stadiums and exhibition centers.

Sunwave Communications Co. Ltd.,
Hangzhou, China +86 571 88866999,


Booth 437 | RS 334

RF Wafer Probe

The Multi |Z| Probe® is an RF wafer probe that offers up to eight independent RF transmission lines for testing RF signals up to 15 GHz and digital signals up to 25 GHz. The probe can be individually configured with DC contacts for mixed-mode testing of RF and DC components and has a guaranteed lifetime of over 1,000,000 touchdowns. For production testing, up to four Multi |Z| Probes can be integrated into the unique |Z| Probe Card.

SUSS MicroTec Inc.,
Waterbury Center, VT (802) 244-5181,


Booth 1217 | RS 335

Miniature Synthesizers

The MTS2500DS miniature synthesizers feature a resolution of 1 Hz and outstanding phase noise and spurious suppression. The first model introduced, the MTS2500-110250 covers the frequency range from 1100 to 2500 MHz. It is available in four versions: version one and two have 5 V and 3.3 V supply only and use an external reference of 10 MHz or 1.6 GHz, respectively; the other two versions require 28, 5 and 3.3 V supply voltage and use either 10 MHz or 1.6 GHz references. Housed in a small 1.95" x 1.25" surface- mount Rel-Pro® package their features and performance match the one of much larger size synthesizers.

Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,


Booth 901 | RS 336

Multilayer Capability

These products offer low loss and high reliability for conventional and multilayer RF and high speed digital board fabrication. TacPreg prepregs, constructed with BT epoxy/woven fiberglass/PTFE components, offer reduced electrical loss and ease of fabrication for high speed digital and RF commercial and military applications. These dimensionally stable laminates, available with a Dk of 3.00 to 3.5, enable production of 20+ layer boards at FR-4 laminating temperatures and pressures. HyRelex thin flexible interconnect materials offer exceptional thermal, mechanical, electrical and moisture resistant properties for multilayer, double sided and rigid flex circuits. Low dissipation factor, excellent peel strength and smooth surface profile make HyRelex ideal for applications involving high frequencies, high temperatures and harsh environments.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division,
Petersburgh, NY (518) 658-3202,


Booth 1632 | RS 337

RF Power Meter

The model 1830A RF power meter achieves the lowest uncertainty RF power measurement available. This model is designed to replace the HP432A and the external voltmeter for a complete high accuracy average RF power measurement with LXI-C and USB interfaces. It is also compatible with the 478A and 8478A RF power sensors as well as virtually all existing thermistor-based RF power sensors.

Geneva, OH (440) 466-6100,


Booth 510 | RS 338

Ultra-miniature Relays

The ultra-miniature SGRF300 and SGRF303 relays are formed-lead versions of the GRF300 and GRF303 relays. These relays are designed to be easily removed with hand tools. The SGRF relays feature the same excellent contact-to-contact isolation, pole-to-pole isolation and repeatability as the GRF relays. The unique ground shield of the SGRF300 and SGRF303 extend performance advantages over similar RF devices that simply offer formed leads for surface mounting.

Teledyne Relays,
Hawthorne, CA (800) 284-7007,


Booth 523 | RS 339

Mobile Thermal System

MobileTemp™ System is a mobile thermal (–65° to +200°C) system for testing devices (standard to high frequency), assemblies and PCBs in a compact chamber at the tester site. Modular Mobile­Temp includes the Thermo­Stream® temperature source combined with one of the portable ThermoChambers™ (available in CLAM­SHELL, FRONT LOAD and HOOD styles). Features include direct device temperature control to ±0.1°C, fast temperature transitions, integral cable ports, interchangeable chambers to meet various applications and mobility—for “Temperature on the Spot.®

Temptronic Corp.,
Sharon, MA (781) 688-2300,


Booth 1509 | RS 340

Flexible Coaxial Cable

This line of low loss phase stable flexible coaxial cable is designed to operate up to 40 GHz. HFF-1111 and HFF-1130 were designed and engineered to terminate with Tensolite’s high performance RF connectors for optimum performance. Furthermore, this new solution was designed to meet the needs of any application where performance and stability at the higher frequency range is critical. The HFF-1111 and HFF-1130 product families will be ideal for multiple application requirements that include military/aerospace and test & measurement.

Tensolite Co.,
St. Augustine, FL (800) 458-9960,


Booth 1019 | RS 341

Millimeter-wave Subsystems

Terabeam/HXI offers design and manufacturing services that include the development of millimeter-wave subsystems for radar, sensor and communications applications. Hardware tradeoff studies for these systems are first performed in cooperation with the customer to achieve optimum performance levels. Fast prototyping of new systems can then be performed using standard catalog Terabeam/HXI components. A transition to production can then take place using advanced integration techniques to reduce the size and cost of the hardware.

a Division of Terabeam Corp.,
Haverhill, MA (978) 521-7300,


Booth 1209 | RS 342


The model TT1244 is a 26.5 GHz SPDT MEMS switch. By leveraging the baseline process and design technology of the production released DC to 7 GHz switch, the TT1244 offers a step improvement in bandwidth and linearity over competing switch solutions, while occupying significantly less area and consuming less power. The TT1244 delivers ultra low insertion loss and outstanding linearity (IP3) for improved system performance—all in a standard surface-mount micro BGA chip scale package. Applications for the TT1244 switch include automated test equipment (ATE), instrumentation, radar (automotive and military) and communications infrastructure.

TeraVicta Technologies Inc.,
Austin, TX (512) 684-8700,


Booth 752 | RS 343

Drop-in Isolators and Circulators

These S-, C- and X-band surface-mount packaged drop-in isolators and circulators combine small size and low mass with high power handling capabilities and low loss (0.2 dB per junction). These isolators and circulators are designed for surface mounting using RoHS-compliant SAC solder following the J-STD-020C soldering profile. Single and double junction designs are available for both defense and telecom applications.

Thales MESL Ltd.,
Newbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 0131 333 2000,


Booth 1008 | RS 344

Ku-band GaAs FET

The model TM1414-30L is a Ku-band GaAs FET engineered for SATCOM solid-state power amplifiers. This transistor for final-stage amplifiers provides broadband RF performance to support 14 to 14.5 GHz frequency applications and features high power of P1dB = 45 dBm, high gain of G1dB = 5.5 dB (typical) and low intermodulation distortion, IM3 = –25 dBc (minimum) at Po of 38 dBm. This high performance device is offered in a hermetically-sealed package.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.,
Irvine, CA (949) 623-2900,


Booth 1107 | RS 345

High Power Amplifier

TriQuint Semiconductor introduces the TGA4916, which leads the industry with its compact single chip design. The TGA4916 is a Ka-band, fully monolithic 7 W high power amplifier ideally suited for VSAT ground terminal usage. It delivers 38.5 dBm (7 W) of saturated output power and 21 dB of small-signal gain across the 28 to 31 GHz band. Both input and output return losses are typically better than 12 dB due to its balanced design configuration. Bias voltage is 6 V and quiescent drain current 3.2 A (Idq). This product is also available in a ‘half-chip’ version, designated TGA4906, which delivers 36 dBm (4 W) saturated output power and 22 dB of gain over the same frequency band. Packaged versions of these MMIC devices will be available in the second half of 2007.

TriQuint Semiconductor,
Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000,


Booth 533 | RS 346

RFID Antenna and Reader Stands

Tyco Electronics has expanded its RFID solutions to include integrated UHF RFID antenna and reader stands featuring fully-tested turnkey RFID systems. The M/A-COM MAAN-000176-AT0000 and MAAN-000177-AT0000 RFID stands are designed for standard and customized solutions for use in a variety of applications, including supply-chain management and asset visibility. Additionally, the stands can be integrated with peripheral offerings for additional functionality and are available in floor and wall mount versions.

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM,
Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266,


Booth 723 | RS 347

Waveguide Power Combiners/Dividers

This series of waveguide power combiners/dividers operates in a frequency range from 2.6 to 40 GHz. These power combiners/dividers offer peak power handling capacity (without additional pressure) ranges from 18 kW in WR28 to 2.5 mW in WR284. All models may be modified mechanically or electrically to meet a customer’s special requirements.

Xi’an HengDa Microwave
Technology Development Co.,
Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China, +86-29-85224787,


Booth 411 | RS 348

“Underbridge” Technique

Unlike an air bridge, in which the interconnect layer is applied after the thin film conductor layer is complete, UltraBridge is a process in which the interconnect conductor layer is applied and patterned directly on the substrate surface as an “under” bridge. Then silicon nitride (Si3N4) is applied over the interconnect layer to encapsulate it and insulate it from the next metal layer. The silicon nitride features are then patterned and etched and the thin film conductor and resistor layers are applied. The result is a simple, cost-effective method for fabricating high frequency interconnects for Lange couplers, integrated capacitors and integrated spiral inductors.

UltraSource Inc.,
Hollis, NH (603) 881-7799,


Booth 1743 | RS 349

CRO-based Synthesizer

The model PNP-1621-P22-G is a RoHS compliant, CRO-based PNP synthesizer that operates in a frequency range from 2000 to 2100 MHz. This synthesizer features low phase noise performance of –107 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from the carrier over the 100 MHz bandwidth. Operating with a 12 VDC supply while drawing 50 mA (typical) over the temperature range of –40° to 85°C, the PNP-1621-P22-G is suited for applications requiring signal stability, tuning linearity and low phase noise performance across a wide frequency range. Suitable for automated surface-mount assembly and solder reflow. Packaging: 0.6" x 0.6" x 0.135".

Universal Microwave Corp.,
Brooksville, FL (480) 756-6070,


Booth 508 | RS 350

Coaxial Connector Design Software

This new electromagnetic design tool is designed for coaxial devices such as connectors. By providing two-dimensional electromagnetic simulation only, which is ideal for radially-symmetric components, the tool eliminates fundamental barriers that have held back the adoption of CAE in this sector: the high cost of conventional 3D electromagnetic software, and the long simulation times involved. Called Concerto AS, the new software will simulate a coaxial RF connector in a few seconds, and costs around $5000/seat.

Vector Fields Inc.,
Aurora, IL (630) 851-1734,


Booth 1454 | RS 351

Surface-mount VCXO

This highly-reliable, surface-mount 5116 VCXO is designed for mission-critical space applications. Now radiation tolerant to 100 kRads(Si) total dose, the 5116 VCXO expands the capabilities of industry-standard MIL-PRF-55310/ 27 clock oscillators into the space market, offering customers proven reliability and performance for demanding space applications, including manned and unmanned military and commercial satellites. The 5116 VCXO is designed in a 9 x 14 mm enclosure to help customers reduce deployment costs by miniaturizing their satellite payloads without sacrificing performance or quality. Key features include: four-point crystal-mount and swept quartz (standard architecture for flight models), choice of class S or class B screening IAW MIL-PRF-55310 and wide (1 to 85 MHz) nominal frequency range.

Vectron International,
Hudson, NH (888) 328-7661,


Booth 1101 | RS 352

Silicon RF Capacitor

The model HPC0603A is a silicon-based, surface-mount RF capacitor that offers SRF values up to 13 GHz, parasitic inductance of 0.046 nH and operation over a broad frequency range from 1 MHz to several GHz. Voltage options include 6, 10, 16, 25, 50 and 100 V. The capacitor is also available in 0201 and 0402 sizes. Applications include wireless communications, GPS, VCO, filter and matching networks, RF power amplifiers, base stations, RF modules, DC blocks and substrate-embedded circuits.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,
Vishay, Malvern, PA (402) 563-6866,


Booth 1210 | RS 353

Patterned Thin Film Substrates

These electro-films patterned thin film substrates are manufactured with 100 percent quality standards. They are visually inspected to MIL-STD-883 Method 2032, level H or K, or to the required internal standard industrial specification. All the substrates go through extensive statistical process controls, combined with inspection by product assurance teams, and are tested for value and tolerance. Vishay can tailor its quality assurance processes to meet specific requirements.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,
Vishay Electro-Films,
Warwick, RI (401) 738-9150,


Booth 1210 | RS 354

High Power Combiner

Werlatone’s patent pending “Collapsed Cohn” Design is a drastic departure from the conventional multi-section Wilkinson approach. The company’s low loss unit requires only one or two high power resistors, provides excellent isolation, full input power protection and eliminates high frequency performance roll-off. The two-way combiner, model D7885, is rated at 200 W CW and measures 7.7" x 1.6" x 1.1". Electrical specifications include insertion loss of 0.65 dB maximum, VSWR of 1.4 maximum and port-to-port isolation of 15 dB minimum.

Werlatone Inc.,
Brewster, NY (845) 279-6187,


Booth 1248 | RS 355

H2W Technology

H2W is WIN’s integration of GaAs HBT technology with enhancement and depletion mode PHEMT technology onto a single wafer. The process uses low K interlayer dielectrics, through wafer vias, 75 mm final substrate thickness, and up to 900 pF/mm2 of stacked capacitor density, all enabling chip size reduction and high electrical and thermal performance. The technology enables innovative integration of RF module functions without sacrificing performance.

WIN Semiconductors Corp.,
Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan +886-3-397-5999,


Booth 613 | RS 356

Cable Assemblies

These microwave/RF cable assemblies with GORE™ 100 series blindmate/push-on connectors are specifically designed for devices where critical signals must reach tightly-spaced connection points. Flexible and semi-rigid assemblies as small as 0.047" (1.2 mm) are available and can fit on less than 0.085" (2.2 mm) centers. A full portfolio of GORE 100 series connectors, including test adapters, is also available to help RF designers save weight, reduce the size and improve the performance of their devices.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Elkton, MD (302) 292-5100,


Booth 1026 | RS 357

Bias Circuit

This patented bias circuit can be designed with a high power MOSFET into one GaAs chip reducing power loss and allowing it to be easily integrated with low cost and to be applied in RF power amplifiers and oscillators. It is capable of keeping the static drain current of the high power FET constant as the temperature varies and thus decreasing the changing of the gain and the linear characteristics of the FET. It can reduce the difference of the static drain current of each FET in the whole wafer or batches of wafers.

Yantel Corp.,
Shenzhen, China +86-755-83551878,


Booth 410 | RS 358

RF Components

The RF components include high Q capacitors, high power resistors, RF isolators and circulators. These high quality products offer a low price, fast delivery and excellent service. These products are widely used in mobile communication repeaters, radar, ECM, remote measure remote control and microwave measurement.

Yixin Microwave Electronics Co. Ltd., Quanzhou, Fujian, China


Booth 1155 | RS 359

Power Amplifier

This high linearity power amplifier (5 W average) is designed for emerging 802.16 WiMAX base station applications. The first in the series of power amplifier products for WiMAX, model ZPA3436-5W, operates over the 3.4 to 3.6 GHz band with typical gain of 46 dB and 37 dBm OFDM output power for 64 QAM, 3/4 coding, 3.5 MHz channel bandwidth, 256 carriers. The superior design incorporating the latest in high power device technology, achieves error ve­ctor magnitude (EVM) performance of 2 percent at 37 dBm linear output power. The power amplifier is biased at 28 V and draws about 3.5A DC current. The design is lead free and the SMA connectorized package measures only 9" x 4" x 1.5" typical without external heat sink.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700,


Booth 1612 | RS 360

EM Simulation and Optimization Package

The release of IE3D EM Simulation and Optimization Package V12 features a FastEM De-sign Kit for real-time full-wave EM design. IE3D Release 12 also implements multi-CPU support, Boolean-enabled equation-based schematic-layout editor, and robust network distributed simulation and optimization.

Zeland Software Inc.,
Fremont, CA (510) 623-7162,


Booth 700 | RS 361