Microwave Journal

Richardson RFPD introduces hybrid and directional couplers from Anaren

January 11, 2012

Richardson RFPD Inc. announced immediate availability and full design support capabilities for the Xinger®-III line of components from Anaren. The Xinger-III line of 3 dB hybrid and directional couplers are the latest additions to Anaren's popular Xinger-brand of subminiature components for wireless infrastructure applications.

When compared to equivalently-sized parts from the previous generation, the new Xinger-III hybrid couplers offer 52 to 66 percent lower insertion loss (down to 0.12 dB), five times the power handling, 25 to 28 percent higher isolation, 63 to 71 percent better amplitude balance and equal phase balance.

The Xinger-III directional couplers are one-fourth the size of the Xinger-II line and offer 37 to 64 percent lower insertion loss (down to 0.05 dB), 50 percent higher power handling and equal directivity.

The Xinger-III parts are available as an option to customers who want the smaller footprint and performance gains to keep pace with next generation base station equipment designs; previous generations of Xinger models are still in production and available.

The new Xinger-III components feature patent-pending design and materials advances. Their small footprint and robust power-handling capability make them viable alternatives to ceramic equivalents, thereby avoiding the risk of cracked solder joints that ceramics can create when their thermal expansion characteristics do not match the PCB on which they are mounted. The Xinger-III components are softboard, so the co-efficient of thermal expansion (CTE) disparity is not an issue, liberating designers to specify ordinary PCBs without concern about CTE mismatch.

The 0.25 x 0.2 and 0.56 x 0.2 footprints of the Xinger-III components are standardized from previous Xinger generations, facilitating cost control measures for the standardized equipment increasingly required for OEMs in wireless infrastructure markets.