Microwave Journal

Rockwell Collins Awarded $11.3 M to Study Military GPS User Equipment

October 1, 2003

The US Air Force has awarded Rockwell Collins an $11.3 M contract to study the advancement and risk associated with the technology required for the development of modernized military Global Positioning System user equipment (MUE).

The objective of this contract is to obtain a more complete understanding by the government and industry of the technical and implementation requirements and associated risks regarding MUE.

This includes the implementation, certification, integration and operation of the MUE Security Architecture. Further study will be attributed to the ability to design, develop and produce MUE that can effectively detect, acquire, track and process M-code and M-code Navigation Data (MNAV) under nominal and stressed conditions.

Finally, the feasibility and advisability of implementing Y-code signal in MUE will be thoroughly studied. As a result of the study contract, the US Air Force will downselect to two companies to compete for the MUE Engineering Development contract in mid-2005.