Microwave Journal

Rohde & Schwarz Goes Digital

December 1, 2003

In a contract worth several million Euros, the Italian network operator Elettronica Industriale has contracted Rohde & Schwarz to supply DVB-T transmitters, which will be used for installing Italy's first digital TV network.

To fulfill the contract Rohde & Schwarz will supply DVB-T transmitters with power ranging from 10 W to 1.3 kW for the first network.

They are currently being installed in Italy and are scheduled to go on the air by the end of 2003.

The numerous low power transmitters of the R&S SV7002 family included in the order are notable for their high flexibility and compact design.

The high power transmitters of the R&S NV family to be supplied feature an ultra-modern liquid-cooling concept, which makes maintenance very easy and cost-effective, and reduces space requirements to a minimum. A further expansion of the Italian DVB-T network is anticipated during the next few months.