Microwave Journal

Alcatel Broadens New Zealand Network

September 1, 2003

To provide an end-to-end solution for its national broadband wireless network, New Zealand's Broadcast Communications Limited (BCL), the state owned communications network company, has contracted Alcatel to deploy optical transport and microwave radio equipment to backhaul its broadband access radio traffic. The company will implement an integrated end-to-end solution in conjunction with BCL's nationwide backbone, to deliver Ethernet and voice services to rural areas.

For the project, Alcatel will provide its synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) data-aware Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN) systems equipped with Integrated Service Adaptors (ISA), as well as low-to-medium urban microwave radio equipment based on Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) technology. Additionally, it will install an Ethernet switch infrastructure to interconnect the BCL access network under deployment to the existing digital microwave radio backbone.

Scheduled to begin service at the end of October 2003, stage one of BCL's open access wholesale broadband wireless network will consist of 28 sites throughout New Zealand. Commenting on Alcatel's selection the company's technical director, Keith Ladyman, said, "Alcatel's integrated solution and field-proven technology were two key factors that made us decide to choose them. Furthermore, their solution integrates well with our existing and planned network assets."