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Performance and Integration for 5G Massive MIMO

November 10, 2023

The challenges that the industry is facing and the solutions that are being developed at each step of the supply chain to enable the 5G future form the basis for this eBook. The first entry dives into the 5G market, with a focus on base stations. It provides a good summary and forecast of the trends, drivers, ecosystem, technology shares and market segmentations for PAs in base station applications. The second entry describes integrating DAS networks to improve 5G coverage and article three provides and discusses the benefits of transitioning to a 5G standalone (SA) network. The fourth article gives a good overview of the importance of power amplifiers in 5G architectures and the challenges and advantages of integrating functions into PA modules. The final article discusses the benefits of Open RAN, a standardized approach to radio access network hardware and software disaggregation and how front-end reference designs can enable massive MIMO, which has become an essential. building block of the 5G future.

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