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Modelithics® Releases the Modelithics MACOM® GaN Library v23.2.1

MACOM® GaN Library v23.2.1

January 10, 2023

Modelithics, Inc., announced version 23.2.1 of the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library. With this latest version, the library now includes a total of nine models for MACOM PURE CARBIDE™ GaN devices.

Version 23.2.1 of the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library introduces a new model for the MACOM MAPC-A1505 GaN device. The MAPC-A1505 GaN amplifier is intended for operation from 2.7 to 3.1 GHz and is suitable for linear and saturated applications. It supports pulsed operation and delivers > 700 W of output power. The MAPC-A1505 device comes in an air cavity ceramic package and is intended for 50 or 65 V operation.

The Modelithics MACOM GaN Library also includes models for MACOM’s MAPC-A1000, MAPC-A1100, MAPC-A1101, MAPC-A1102, MAPC-A1103, MAPC-A1500, MAPC-A1501 and MAPC-S1101 GaN devices. Each model in the library is developed and validated using extensive linear and nonlinear data sets and is intended for high-power microwave applications. In addition, each model includes intrinsic IV sensing as an advanced feature. Additional models will continue to be added to the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library on an ongoing basis.

The models in the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library are compatible with Keysight Technologies' PathWave Advanced Design System and Cadence AWR Design Environment®. The Modelithics MACOM GaN Library is available for FREE distribution and support for qualified MACOM customers.