Microwave Journal

ATEC Presents The New Narda FieldMan Field Meter

December 20, 2022

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) announced that Narda Safety Test Solutions has a new field meter coming to their inventory, the easy-to-use and precise FieldMan.

The FieldMan is an innovative and smart solution for taking E&H Field EMF measurements from 0 Hz to 90 GHz. The device now has a large sunlight readable color display, digital probe interface, and powerful time and frequency domain analysis.

The new FieldMan is compatible with Narda’s new line up of field probes:


 ATEC will offer customers sales options for the new FieldMan, as well as rental options. 

The device meets a variety of important industry standards including:

  • Radiocommunication base stations (e.g. IEC / EN 62232)
  • Broadcasting systems (e.g. IEC 62577)
  • Radar and satellite communications systems
  • Induction heating and melting (e.g. EN 50519)
  • Household appliances (e.g. IEC / EN 62233)
  • Electric welding equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 62822)
  • Railway environment (e.g. EN 50500)
  • Automotive environment (e.g. IEC 62764)
  • Energy supply systems (e.g. IEC / EN 62110)
  • Medical electrical equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 60601)
  • TEM cells and absorber chambers to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility.