Microwave Journal

110 GHz DC Blocks and Bias Tees

November 14, 2022

HYPERLABS is expanding its 100+ GHz components by introducing DC blocks (DCBs) and bias tees (BTs) operating to 110 GHz. The HL9439 DCB and HL9449 BT operate from 160 kHz to 110 GHz. The devices are also offered as 95 GHz versions with part numbers HL9438 for the DCB and HL9448 for the BT. All four products support 200 Gbps PAM4 communications systems, high speed analog-to-digital conversion, frequency response testing for differential devices and many other ultra-broadband applications.

Both the 110 GHz DCB and BT are available with 11 or 30 V breakdown voltage, with the BT having a maximum DC current rating of 175 mA. The DCBs and BTs are available as matched pairs, offering optimized phase and amplitude matching for the best differential signaling.

With connectors, the standard housing for the HL9438/9 DCBs measures 1.067 x 0.525 x 0.535 in., and the standard housing for the HL9448/9 BTs measures 1.95 x 1.30 x 0.53 in. Both the DCB and BT have 1.0 mm connectors at each port, alternate connectors are available. Every unit is hand built and tested in Louisville, Colo. S-parameter data and demonstration units are available, either directly from HYPERLABS or from your local sales representative.

In addition to these 100+ GHz offerings, HYPERLABS is revising its entire component product line to cover 110 GHz. Founded in 1992 and privately owned, HYPERLABS sells ultra-broadband components reaching 110+ GHz, including power splitters, BTs, pickoff tees, DCBs and transition time converters. HYPERLABS’ instrumentation line includes the industry’s first USB powered and controlled time domain reflectometry instruments, controlled impedance analyzers, signal path analyzers, samplers and harmonic mixers.

Louisville, Colo.