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Signal Hound’s SM435C 43.5 GHz 10GbE Spectrum Analyzer Now Available

September 30, 2022

Signal Hound’s SM435C 43.5 GHz, high performance spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver is now available to order. 

The SM435C includes a 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ port, enabling the SM435C to communicate with a PC over long distances using a fiber optic cable. Designed for remotely-located accurate RF data analysis at the lowest cost possible, the SM435C also includes a signed calibration certificate and a printed packet of calibration data.

The Option-80 variant of the device provides down-converter functionality, allowing engineers working with 5G to utilize 800 MHz of continuous real-time data for in-depth analysis. The SM435C Option-80 is also a perfect fit for applications requiring extremely clean phase noise.

The SM435C with 10GbE is perfect for remote, network-connected analysis up to 43.5 GHz

The affordability of the SM435C opens the door to industry professionals who were previously unable to attain this power in a compact and economic package. It is available now, with a U.S. retail price of $25,380. It can be purchased directly from Signal Hound or from one of their worldwide distributors.