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Enabling ICs for India’s 26 GHz 5G Network Build-out

Gen-4 mmWave Si ICs

September 29, 2022

Anokiwave, Inc. extends its latest and industry leading fourth generation of 5G ICs to address the needs of the newly auctioned 26 GHz 5G band. With industry's highest efficiency, linear output power and smart integration, Anokiwave's latest generation provides the foundation of high performance, small form factor and low cost 5G radios. The same ICs can be used to address the needs of mmWave 5G base stations, small cells, consumer premise equipment, repeaters and more. These ICs are the backbone of the majority of mmWave 5G build outs worldwide and now provide the 5G OEM, ODMs and operators in India with an IC platform to accelerate India's 26 GHz network build out.

The new Gen-4 mmWave Si ICs from Anokiwave offer a unique combination of industry's highest linear power, output efficiency devices and a scalable architecture to address multiple 5G use cases. To cover the India 26 GHz 5G band, the IC family includes:

  • AWMF-0221: 24 to 30 GHz dual polarization, quad-channel, beamforming IC
  • AWMF-0224: 24 to 30 GHz dual channel IF up-/down-converter with integrated PLL/ VCO
  • AWMF-0210: 24 to 30 GHz single channel IF up-/down-converter IC.

All ICs support 3GPP compliant 5G radio specs as well as high modulation bandwidths. To complement the IC portfolio, Anokiwave also offers a complete mmWave active antenna innovator kit as a reference design and starting platform to evaluate and accelerate mmWave 5G antenna designs.

Anokiwave's Gen-4 ICs offer some unique benefits for ODMs, OEMs and operators developing mmWave 5G radios:

  • Just two IC types to build a complete mmWave to IF 26 GHz 5G Active Antenna
  • Fewest ICs for high performance mmWave 5G active antenna front ends
  • Small form factor and lower DC power by leveraging high power efficiency and smart integration
  • Eliminate the need for radio level calibration by leveraging patented Zero-Cal® feature
  • Flexibility to scale the design to meet specific radio performance, cost, power and baseband requirements
  • Faster time to market by leveraging already available mmWave antenna innovator kits.

"With the high user density and exponentially increasing demand for data per capita, India is uniquely and perfectly suited for adoption of mmWave 5G, and Anokiwave is delighted to bring its latest Gen-4 ICs to enable this build out," stated Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave VP of Sales. "Since the start of the mmWave 5G market in 2016, Anokiwave has been the trusted choice of mmWave Si ICs for the ODMs and operators worldwide. Today I am honored to bring this enabling technology to the country that I spent two decades growing up. I look forward to Anokiwave, the Indian network operators, industry players and partners working together to democratize mmWave 5G technology for 1.4 billion people.


All mentioned ICs and antennas are available to use today.