Microwave Journal

International Manufacturing Services Sponsors Webinar on Thick-Film SMT Resistors for LDC Applications

September 7, 2022

International Manufacturing Services (IMS), a global leader in passive components and circuit elements, will be sponsoring a webinar during this coming October 2022 EDI CON to help circuit designers and engineers select resistors and resistive elements for low duty cycle (LDC) applications. Entitled, “Assessment of Thick Film Passive Monolithic SMT Resistor Elements in Handling Low Duty Cycle (LDC) Signal Conditions,” the 30-minute webinar starts at 4:00 PM EDT on Wednesday,  October 5th, 2022. It is part of the EDI CON Online educational series and will be presented by Wes Laquerre, IMS’s Application Engineering Manager who is involved in new product development and technical customer support.

The educational webinar will explore requirements for surface-mount-technology resistive elements in moderate- and high-power LDC pulsed signal applications. LDC signals typically have short pulse widths less than 1 μs, pulse repetition frequencies from 1 to 40 kHz, and fast rise and fall times. They can subject electronic components to high stress and overheating effects. The webinar will examine the use of electromagnetic simulation software to simulate the behavior of various passive resistive circuit elements under many different LDC operating conditions. LDC signals are often used to mitigate interference and enhance signal-to-noise ratio in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing and other digitally modulated communications systems.

To register for EDI CON, visit https://www.edicononline.com/register/.