Microwave Journal

Keysight First to Enable Laptop Vendors to Verify Arm-based 5G PCs

July 12, 2022

Keysight Technologies, Inc. is first to enable laptop vendors to verify Arm-based 5G personal computers (PCs) powered by Windows on Snapdragon® Compute Platforms with integrated software-centric test solutions.   

The Snapdragon compute platform, a multi-connectivity solution developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., delivers superior performance in light, fan-less and highly secure laptops with advanced camera and audio capabilities and 5G connectivity. Many Windows-based laptop vendors use the Snapdragon compute platform to deliver 5G mobile compute for cloud-enhanced experiences that increase productivity, efficiency and connectivity. Keysight enables Qualcomm Technologies to accelerate validation of PCs powered by Snapdragon across the workflow, spanning design, development and manufacturing.

"Keysight is pleased to strengthen the company's collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and enable the leading modem maker to address adjacent markets for its Snapdragon compute platform, resulting in seamless mobile connectivity for users of always on, always connected laptops," said Lucas Hansen, senior director in Keysight's Wireless Test Group. "Since 2016, Keysight and Qualcomm Technologies have jointly delivered technology-first trials in 5G that enable vendors and mobile operators to deliver essential levels of wireless connectivity for a wide range of applications."

Keysight was first to provide vendors with a virtual instrument systems architecture (VISA) library software for efficient communication between the device under test and the test instrument across any input/output (I/O) software layer. Qualcomm Technologies leveraged Keysight's test solutions, equipped with the VISA software, in combination with the Qualcomm© Development Acceleration Resource Toolkit automation tool, to achieve an interoperability development test milestone for the Snapdragon compute platform.

Qualcomm Technologies uses several Keysight solutions with VISA I/O library software to validate the performance of new chipset designs across multiple technologies, including 5G new radio (NR), 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS. These include:

  • E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform: a compact signaling test platform with multiformat stack support, rich processing power and abundant RF resources for 5G NR network emulation
  • E6680A/E Wireless Test Set: verifies the performance of Wi-Fi 7 and other WLAN or cellular devices
  • M9415A VXT PXI Vector Transceiver: a PXIe module with integrated vector signal generator and analyzer for ultra-wideband (UWB), WLAN and Bluetooth applications
  • E6681A EXM-WB Wireless Test Set: verifies the performance of 5G NR mmWave devices in manufacturing.