Microwave Journal

Two-Way Power Divider Featuring Insertion Loss: APD-2-500M2G-SFF-30W

March 23, 2022

PMI Model No. APD-2-500M2G-SFF-30W is a two-way power divider featuring Insertion Loss of 0.5 dB; VSWR In/Out of 1.25:1/1.20:1; Isolation of 20 dB; Amplitude Balance of ±0.2 dB; Phase Balance of ±2° and Power Handling of 30 W Forward, 1 W Reversed.  Has SMA Female Connectors and Housing is 2.13" x 1.10" x 0.39".  https://www.pmi-rf.com/product-details/apd-2-500m2g-sff-30w